The bold “Vietnam” project at Grand World Phu Quoc

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Grand World Phu Quoc will delight visitors with a masterpiece that fully converges the identity and cultural quintessence of Vietnam.

The largest bamboo project in Vietnam

The first impression that visitors enter the Grand World is the giant construction called Take Densetsu located in the middle of the square. About 15m high and 700m2 maximum area, this work is made entirely of bamboo by world famous architect Vo Trong Nghia. who popularized Vietnamese bamboo to the world.


Grand World Phu Quoc’s bamboo handicrafts, formed from a combination of 32,000 bamboo trees carefully selected by Tay Ninh, are inspired by quintessential symbols of ancient Vietnam such as bamboo and flowers. lotus and bronze drums, while invigorating a modern and creative style. The legend of the bamboo tree with typical national colors is the pride and spirit of the Vietnamese people. noble and proud

Realistic representation of Vietnam’s top scenes

and at the Phu Quoc Reunification Center A similar monument has been erected to bring the best experience of Vietnamese culture to the Vietnamese elite. The venue for special plays of Vietnam created by director Viet Tu, also known as “Stage Witch” with famous programs such as Sao Mai rendezvous, Favorite song, Tata Show and Cocofest.

Vietnam’s elite is a top-notch cultural program with spectacular sets. A complex combination of art, sound, light and human context. simulate Vietnam from North to South in perfect timing.

Performances show vivid marine cultures such as fishing village dances and fishing rituals. In particular, the general cultural features of the sea such as the fishing festival, the fishing village festival must be mentioned. Activities such as boating, fishing…


The number of artists participating in the Elite Vietnam show held at Grand World Phu Quoc has reached hundreds. With a combination of scenery, light, color, sound, beautiful dance moves and impressive script, Essence of Vietnam brings a unique experience to visitors when coming to Phu Quoc. The level of thoughtful investment and success of this show ensures Phu Quoc will become a destination for tourism and culture enthusiasts.

It is interesting that in the heart of Vietnam, Cot is a dreamy big lake during the day. And at night, the lake disappears into a flat surface. With the touch of a button, performers and spectators are free to play. Immerse yourself in the traditional cultural space of Vietnam.

In addition to bringing pride and national spirit to visitors, Grand World Phu Quoc is also a place that brings many emotions to visitors in the journey of discovery. Vietnam’s first colorful ‘city that never sleeps’ in Male


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