The “father” of TikTok makes a game like Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is about to launch a “junior” of the allegedly launched Nuverse game by ByteDance – a Beijing-based company. It’s supposed to be an open-world 3D game.

MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact will soon have a rival who is ByteDance’s “born child”.

According to reports, ByteDance’s Studio 101 in Hangzhou will be responsible for game development and is currently recruiting for related positions. However, it’s possible that Nuverse’s new game can compete with Genshin Impact – the game has achieved great results with huge sales just a week after launch. Public data shows that miHoYo has earned almost 60 million USD from this mobile game after just 1 week, surpassing even big games like PUBG Mobile and just behind the “tycoon” Honor of Kings – as the game is titled. The game grossed $64 million. U.S. dollar.
TikTok developers make games like Genshin Impact
Recently, miHoYo is still trying to launch the cloud version of this game since it has an extremely low advantage, which indirectly shows its ambition to dominate this gaming ecosystem. As if that weren’t enough, miHoYo also successfully launched a whole new brand HoYoverse, which promises to offer players a lively virtual world with lots of entertainment and interesting services. Such a summary of miHoYo is also worth seeing, the inherent strength of Genshin Impact is very large, and it is difficult to find an opponent in its game series, so ByteDance may be under great pressure to compete with others in the future.
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