The government supports aviation and tourism industry groups.

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The Saigon Economic Times reported that the Ministry of Planning and Investment has completed the second draft of the economic support plan.

In addition to providing financial support to disadvantaged workers and waiving unnecessary business fees, we’ve identified areas that need support most, such as aviation and tourism. Because these businesses are in decline. lack of cash flow And the potential of their business to be bankrupt is very high.

Two major airlines, Vietnam Airlines and VietJet, both announced poor business results in the first 9 months of the year. due to the epidemic situation

In the first 9 months of 2020, Vietnam Airlines’ revenue decreased by more than half. The loss was more than 10.5 trillion dong, while Vietjet’s revenue was also cut by more than half. With a loss of nearly 1,000 billion dong, cash flow from the two largest airlines in the first 9 months of this year had a deficit of many trillion dong. This is the general situation of airlines around the world due to the impact of the epidemic.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed to the Government many financial solutions.

Especially, the solution is to buy shares worth 12 trillion dong of Vietnam Airlines to restructure the national airline’s finances. Other proposed solutions include reducing take-off and landing fees. air traffic control fees and environmental protection taxes on jet fuel.

Aviation and tourism are among the industries hardest hit by the pandemic due to social distancing and border closures. The recovery of the aviation industry indirectly promotes the recovery of related industries such as tourism and services.

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