The ‘Love Actually’ actress is dressed like a dead man after her friend stole nearly $80,000

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Actress Meg Wynn Owen, best known for her performances in Love Actually and Pride & Prejudice, was forced to wear the clothes of the deceased at her nursing home after the caregiver stole thousands of dollars from her squirrel. Owen, whose real name is Margaret Wright, has dementia and named his friend, costume designer Brian Malam, as his deputy before she passed away in July at the age of 82. But instead of supporting Owen financially, Malam spent generously. The amount of money she worked hard to earn for herself totaled $80,000, Wales Online reported. Between 2015 and 2019, Malam took over Owen’s money alone as her health deteriorated over the years. Malam, 60, was sentenced to 32 months in prison.

Malam was arrested by South Wales Police for cheating on Owen while he was alive. South Wales Police The costume designer was granted power of attorney over Owens finances in 2014. The following year she was transferred to a nursing home. After running out of pennies, Owen wore the clothing of the deceased residents. Employees quickly became concerned about their financial situation — or lack of funds — and reported the incident to police in 2020. Malam, who is from Wales, pleaded guilty to fraud by possession. take a reliable position.

Meg Wynn Owen plays the Prime Minister's secretary "Actually love."Meg Wynn Owen played the Prime Minister’s secretary in Love Actually. Universal’s criminal hearing is scheduled for March next year. During his acting career, Owen has appeared in films such as Love Actual, Pride & Prejudice, and A Woman of Substance. She also appeared in Doctor Who and Upstairs Downstairs.

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