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A “secret” survey showed that 95% of Saigon residents live around districts, the remaining 5% live in Saigon but their souls are directed to Da Lat. And I was no exception. Every time I come to Dalat is an opportunity for me to have new experiences. new relationship And most importantly, relax after a busy working day.

Luxe Hotel

One thing that interests me when coming to Da Lat is the hotel to rest. Because there are so many options. So you can choose the right hotel according to your needs. One of the most outstanding choices for a stopover in Da Lat is Luxe HotelWith the cost of overnight accommodation is very good compared to the common ground of hotels in Da Lat and if you have book hotel room of the Luxe Hotel Pre-booking through Traveloka will get more discount on price and service. And now let’s take a closer look at the special services of the resort at The Luxe Hotel.

First impressions of The Luxe . hotel

The Luxe Hotel Dalat is an international 3-star hotel located at 17, Ba Thang Tu Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City. But what really strikes me here is how it’s organized. Luxe Hotel. Designed according to a modern concept using dark tones as the main color. Combined with colored doors Gives a very distinct industrial feel And the quality is unmatched by surrounding hotels.

Lux Reception

I like the layout of the hotel reception with mirrors, pendant lights and green wall accents mixed with a bit of modernity. Staff are very enthusiastic and welcoming. But there is a small downside is that it is in the high season, so check in is a bit long. You can also save it to time it to fit your personal schedule.

Premier Room with Super Tall Mountain View

Luxe Hotel In Da Lat, there are many types of rooms and apartments for relaxation. There are Apartment (3 Bedroom Apartment, Mountain Apartment) or Single/Family/Double (Deluxe Suite, Premier, Standard…) for this resort. The room I chose is a Premier room with a view of the Central Highlands mountains.

A big plus for the Premier room that I chose is that the layout still emphasizes a modern, minimalist style. The spaces and items in the room are neatly and neatly arranged, creating a feeling that the space of the room is larger and more open than the area of ​​35m2.

The LUXE Hotel Dalat Reviews
View from The Lux Premier room

with modern dark tones Create a warmer feeling for the room. The bed, pillow and mattress are quite soft. Also, this premium room type Luxe Hotel It is also fully equipped with amenities according to the needs of guests. If you regularly drink tea You can try the free tea provided by the hotel. considered excellent. But it’s also a plus for being attentive to customers.

Premier room type has large glass window for you to see the clear nature outside. Sit back in the chair looking out, read a book, listen to music, take some pictures. It is said to shine brightly.

Attractions near Luxe . hotel

Because it is located right in the city center, next to The Luxe hotel, in addition, the food is extremely rich. There are many attractions that you can visit.

The LUXE Hotel Dalat Reviews
Bao Dai Palace 2

If you are interested in the history of Vietnam in the early 20th century, you probably know that Da Lat is the place to keep the legacy of King Bao Dai, the last king of Vietnam. Vietnamese feudal history Visit Bao Dai Palace 2 to see a blend of Asian and European resort architecture. with furniture brought from France There are both classic and modern styles mixed together.

The LUXE Hotel Dalat Reviews
Dalat Railway Station

It must be said that the French have left many imprints on this land, including Da Lat railway station, built in 6 years from 1932 to 1938 in the European architectural style. Used to be the main station on the Thap Cham-Da Lat railway line. The station is currently used for tourism purposes, with a length of about 7 km. The terminal station of the station is Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Ve Chai Pagoda), a famous Buddhist work of Traima.

The LUXE Hotel Dalat Reviews
Chinese Temple (Thian Vueng Kosat)

Chinese architectural works imbued with Buddhism that you can visit when coming to Da Lat. Ancient, poetic features and unique cultural and spiritual space help each visitor find peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

End your trip to Dalat with many interesting things. I also have a general comment about the service and customer care of the resort. Luxe Hotel worth the wait With the average room price, the services that the hotel provides to visitors are quite good. People can refer to more information and reviews about Luxe HotelPlus, search for more Traveloka stay deals to make every trip worth your while.

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