The million-dollar show debuted at Phu Quoc United Center before opening.

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The opening party at United Center Phu Quoc is hotter than ever. The final rehearsals for the $2 million show are being rushed to prepare at Phu Quoc United Center with the latest photos just released. Visitors are mesmerized by one of Vietnam’s most exciting performances.

Opening of the continent’s leading resort, resort and entertainment – Phu Quoc Reunification Center Bringing visitors the first experience in Vietnam on April 21 at the North Pearl island, one of the most anticipated experiences is Grand World – The City that Never Sleeps.

The Million Dollar Show debuted with a reality show. “The quintessence of Vietnam” Choreography by famous director Bet Tu. The combination of the world’s most advanced techniques using Vietnamese cultural materials creates an extremely unique performance. Vietnam’s elite cast has more than 200 professional actors and artists trained for months.

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Many rehearsal images were released to the audience. The romantic scene by the giant moon has been cleverly recreated. As revealed by the choreographer. To get this beautiful photo “Essence of Vietnam” required a machine system combined with an unprecedented large-scale optical system.

The Wandering Guardians did not have to worry about being harmed by any calamity.

Coming to “Vietnamese Essence”, you can experience many folk stories in a very unique way. There are still familiar images of thatched huts, bamboo groves, ponds, and central courtyards with hard-working boys in traditional costumes, but at Thai Hock Yard, with 3D cube map rendering technology, There are still a lot of interesting things to do.

Listen to 3D mapping software.

On a large stage of 11,200 square meters, you cannot see the water stage hidden under the walkway building and the mystery will only be revealed as things unfold. Starting to move It clearly shows the beauty of our country’s millennial agricultural civilization.

Vietnamese nature

At the end of ‘Vietnamese Essence’, Grand World will take you to see ‘Colors of Venice’, a play full of romance and fairy tales in Venice, Italy. Grand World’s “Sleeping Heart” lake and central canal waters are sure to be the most expensive overwater shows when it opens today.

gondola with prosperous business

At night, the spearhead of the gondola can be seen beautifully. Typical European ships glide through the magical river of light combining projection technology and laser effects to create the most eye-catching images.

The man in front of him was Hana's robe.

To create the perfect image of a prosperous Europe, the preparation team has worked hard to calculate and use the most advanced technical systems in the world. The hottest footage from the show G’s Colors of Venice reveals something special that has never been seen on any other show. Guaranteed to fascinate and excite even the most demanding travelers.

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All the costumes featured in this terrifying show are known for their intricate designs and are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Enjoy Venice carnival in paradise Phu Quoc Reunification Center I have no doubt that in the future it will be very beautiful and charming.

But he was the loudest before the show.

>>> Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences that you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

venice office

Beyond the actual underwater stage Phu Quoc Reunification Center It also offers many interesting experiences for visitors. Visitors can visit the largest bamboo legend in Vietnam with 32,000 bamboos elaborately designed by architect Vo Trong Nghia and artisans, 500 bears first appeared in Vietnam. Nam or Vinpearl Safari, the first and largest semi-wild animal conservation park in Vietnam..

Have funtry to stay in the forest

One of the most anticipated destinations in the pearl island is VinWonders, the largest theme park in Vietnam, consisting of 6 subdivisions, 12 themed stories and more than 100 main attractions in the world, along with games. modern. The first casino system opened to Vietnamese people. and entertainment area 24/7 shopping and entertainment area will bring a unique experience to visitors.

Vietnam casino games

Southeast Asia’s Leading Resort and Entertainment Complex – Phu Quoc Reunification Center Bring the best experience for visitors and serve the needs of the perfect destination, serving 24/24.

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