The Profession of the “Handrail” and the Mystery Behind the Sad “Hidden Corners”

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“Handrails” is a way of referring to a profession that is common in modern society. It seemed that the life of the girls “white shirt, simple clothes” with a large income, but behind the dim lights and music are the “hidden corners” of tears.

What is a handrail?

The railing is a “slang” word for the common job of young girls as hostesses in karaoke bars. This word also has a number of other names such as: peach lady, young man… After drinking, young men and gentlemen often go 2, raise 3 to find joy. To meet this demand, a number of karaoke bars sprung up selling “peach cashew” services, particularly in main streets such as Tran Duy Hung, Nguyen Khanh Toan, De La Thanh…

Immersed in the dim lights of the theater space is fun all night. The girls were called to pour wine and sing for the guests. Many hostesses also get sucked into the money and juicy temptations. They are willing to perform all kinds of provocative, indulgent acts to satisfy clients’ needs. Nobody knows where the new definition of the word “railing” came from, but now the word has a completely different meaning from the previous one, which is the part that hugs the stairs to go up and down easily. as. Some people often confuse handrails with PG, but that’s not the case. So what is the difference between balustrade and PG? PGs are girls who appear at brand events to advise customers, advertise and introduce products. PG is recognized as a real profession, but now this profession also comes in many variations.

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Unraveling the mystery of the railing profession is HOT right now

In order to keep customers, most karaoke bars recruit young, beautiful girls. Many people as young as eighteen or twenty have entered the profession. Most of them have unstable jobs and difficult families. They are willing to do this job with a “light work, high pay” mentality. However, behind the rebellious fun hides a bitter angle across many different lives.

Changes beyond the word “keep”.

Once in a job, girls have a hard time asserting themselves. Initially, they were lured to work with “huge” earnings. The job requirements are also very simple, just pour wine, sing and confide in the guests. However, the bitter truth doesn’t stop at the usual word “flavor”.
Unveil the secret of the hot railing profession today - Transform yourself without words "handrails"
The girls overcame the initial feeling of shyness and gradually got used to the touching actions of the guests. If the guests are smart, they will receive a tip of about 200,000 – 300,000 VND. There are VIP guests who are even stronger with the level of 500,000 – 1,000,000 VND. If they take the “fast train” serviced from AZ, they will “split” more money from customers. The karaoke hostesses with the task of entertainment gradually became real industry girls.

The whirlpool of evils and diseases

On average, each girl working as a “helper” has a stable income of 15 million – 20 million VND per month. Even some “diggers” have a desirable income of 40 million – 50 million dong. To attract customers to “strong hands,” “handrail” girls often pose as college students from poor families to work as flight attendants. They were arranged by the management into the VIP lounge of the educated “clean vegetables”. After a while in the “education” profession, many girls have thought of remaking their lives. However, the attraction of money, the feeling of being spoiled, makes it difficult to give them up. In addition, there is the bad family situation, which has not yet paid off the debt. Every month they have to send money to their hometown to take care of their elderly and sick parents and take care of their children’s education.
The whirlpool of evils and diseases
Sometimes beautiful girls have to “receive guests” with fun all night and all morning. There are always many dangers and risks lurking behind the satisfaction of lust. This profession also spreads venereal diseases such as: gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, HIV/AIDS… In addition, many girls have been caught practicing. at the game.

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Exposed to society’s stigma

The profession of entertaining men with beautiful flight attendants is not socially acceptable. They are often viewed with contempt. Especially the wives react very “allergic” when their husbands lie in the arms of other women.
Unveil the mystery of the railing profession that's in fashion - Wear society's stigma
Many peaches have the thought “first suffering, then happiness”. They decided that after a few years they would try to accumulate some capital to return to their hometown to do business. But the reality is not so simple! They have sunk too low and do not know when to emerge from the whirlpool to find the light of life.
Innnewyorkcity VN hopes this article has given you a different perspective on the “handrail” profession that doesn’t just use beauty, “equity” to entertain men. Behind this fun lies the bitterness and humiliation that the girl can rarely express.

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