The reason Miss Do Thi Ha was crowned?

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Well beyond the predictions of the Missosology beauty site, Miss Do Thi Ha is currently ranked 7th in the Miss World 2021 rankings. What has become one of the reasons for the results? like this?

Do Thi Has Journey to Miss Title

Miss Vietnam 2020 Do Thi Ha was born in Thanh Hoa in 2001 to a family of 3 siblings. She is currently studying business law at Hanoi National Economics University.
Who is Miss Do Thi Ha?
The 19-year-old student prevailed against many competitors from across the country to be crowned the highest at the Miss Vietnam 2020 pageant. Thanks to her normal body, Do Thi Ha has twice reached the top 2 of competitions: fashion and bikini. Especially her clear beauty and her charming smile are her big plus points.
How tall is Miss Do Thi Ha?
Besides her looks, Do Thi Ha also has a good academic record and the ability to communicate and be extremely attractive and sensitive in demeanor. The Miss Vietnam 2020 competition is a major turning point in Do Thi Ha’s life. To become a contestant, she had to be frugal and balance her daily expenses to save money to prepare for the contest. Since her family is a farmer, self-employed and without a fixed income, she is actively pursuing her dream.
When was Miss Do Thi Ha born?

Officially crowned Miss at the age of 19, in addition to future opportunities, there are of course still many challenges waiting for her in the near future.

Check out the hot pics of Miss Do Thi Ha

As mentioned above, Do Thi Ha is one of the participants with the standard appearance in the national competition to reach the top of the participants with a unique bikini competition. Don’t keep yourself waiting long! Below is a series of photos of Miss Do Thi Ha in a bikini that will burn her eyes and captivate everyone’s eyes!
Measurements of 3 laps by Miss Do Thi Ha
With the advantage of appearance, Do Thi Ha participates in the Miss World 2021 pageant, in the latest Missosology ranking she is ranked 7th. Previously, the Missosology site predicted the top 10 of the Missosology pageant.
Miss Do Thi Ha Miss World 2021
At a young age, Do Thi Ha is very active in school and social activities. On her personal page, she does not hesitate to share images of everyday life. In addition to the youthful and simple style for her age, there are many sets of photos that highlight the beauty much more. At the end of the competition, Do Thi Ha received more attention from the community by winning the crown. The personal fan page alone has now reached more than 52,000 followers and this number is increasing day by day.
How old is Miss Do Thi Ha?
Stay tuned for more Miss World 2021 results and support activities continuously updated by our 19 year old Queen! See more: Juky San and a series of captivating photos of irresistible beauty

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