The ‘unique’ adventure in the heart of Vinpearl River Safari South Hoi An

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The River Safari South Hoi An tour is a journey that brings many special experiences. Explore the wonderful world of waterfowl predators Mammals, Birds and Friends on the Prairie Feel like floating on a river…

A visit to the zoo will remind you of a walk and see the world of many wild animals kept in cages. River Safari South Hoi An It offers a completely different experience. See the numerous animals floating in the river and live freely here

1. River Safari South Hoi An – VinWonders South Hoi An

River Safari Zoo

Before the trip, I decided to be the River Safari South Hoi An Zoo Wonders of the South Wind of Hoi AnThis place is known as the first riverside wildlife conservation park in Vietnam.

As the name suggests when you visit Vinpearl River Safari South Hoi AnYou can take a boat ride along the river and see the amazing world of more than 50 different animals. With all these attractions, we chose VinWonders Nam Hoi An for our family trip and Let our little princess discover new things.

2. Start the journey to explore the River Safari Zoo.

when you enter the ticket gate Staff with a bright smile greet you. We were ordered to board the ship with our families and other young people. Both children and adults enjoy this exciting journey.

River Safari Zoo South Hoi An Zoo

Get some general advice from your tour guide before starting your journey. River Safari Zoo South Hoi An Botanical Garden There are four sub-zones: waterfowl area, grassland area. wildlife and primate areas A boat ride along both sides of the river will bring you into the natural world of River Safari.

3. Enjoy the peaceful world of waterfowl.

The boat quietly crossed the river brought us to a peaceful land of water birds. On the side of the boat, there is a flock of black and white swans swimming in the morning sun. Visitors will be amazed by the beauty of flocks of swans, mallards, pelicans walking on the river or taking pictures with animals…

River Safari South Hoi An

4. Continue the journey to visit Vinpearl River Safari Nam Hoi An with your new friend from the grassland world.

Our trip to the River Safari South Hoi An brought us to the world of grasslands, which my daughter also loves. make me feel

The boat was moored near the shore so we could see herds of wildebeest roaming freely and camels drinking. My daughter is free to meet and make friends with her lovely and kind “new friends”.

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River Safari South Hoi An

5. A little excitement when visiting the world of carnivores.

Say goodbye to secluded grasslands and continue your journey into the world of carnivores with a visit to the River Safari South Hoi An, home to some of the wildest animals: Death, tiger, bear… Stroll along the riverbank. Children, especially children, cheer when the tiger stops on the shore and watch tourists as the boats pass.

River Safari South Hoi An

Our guide also revealed that the lions are specially trained to be agile and maintain their instincts as if they were in the wild!

6. Visit Mammals and Birdhouses

Your final stop at River Safari South Hoi An is the kingdom of birds and animals. Hundreds of gibbons jump from branch to branch. Visitors are excitedly greeted when boats appear from afar. Lemurs in many parts of the world are very cute and intelligent.

Before finishing the River Safari tour, a special project of VinWonders Park Nam Hoi An, we had time to take interesting photos of hundreds of colorful birds in the Parrot House.

River Safari South Hoi An Zoo

journey of discovery River Safari South Hoi An The ending is full of fun, excitement, and emotions. The whole family will have a lot of fun and exciting moments in River Safari at River Safari if you are planning a trip this summer. Hoi AnBe sure to bookmark this unique destination!

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