The “wine house” is the power behind Vinpearl’s wine selection.

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Vinpearl Selection of Wines gathers 7 unique wines from the world’s wine “capitals” such as France, Chile, and Italy through a careful selection process.

The process of creating the perfect bottle of wine involves several steps. Combining elements from nature to people. in the winemaking process Each producer has its own recipe and secret to bring out the flavors of the grapes. These wines are produced in vineyards with rich soils and centuries-old viticulture traditions. and represent the uniqueness of each region So enjoying wine is more than just feeling the sweet and sexy taste on the lips. but also a fascinating discovery of history, traces of homeland through each glass of wine.

Tosti 1820 – Italian “heritage” wine

The first brand mentioned in Vinpearl’s signature wine collection is Tosti 1820, specializing in the production of wines and sparkling wines since 1820. Tosti 1820 is one of the world’s wine capitals with 524 producers. export, with a total length of 20 km spread throughout the city. .
The heritage of Tosti 1820 House includes rich winemaking traditions and culture. with vineyards grown on the best soils combined with heirloom production methods. Years of experience have enabled Tosti1820 to produce sparkling wines with unique flavors, plus the ‘navel’ design in the center of the bottle makes each bottle of Tosti 1820 unique.

Of all the wines, Tosti 1820 is especially famous for its many unique Moscato white wines. Tosti 1820 Moscato Dusty Dock is the first name of the Vinpearl Collection of Unique Wines. Diners will experience the mellow sweetness of fresh Moscato grapes that Tosti 1820 House entrusts in each bottle.

Due Palme – The essence of Italian wine

Due Palme is the story of our founder’s dreams and vision. This is the third generation in the family with a tradition of making wine. Love of the land is the first core value of Due Palmer Winery. The proof is that the winery respects the environment and sustains the ecosystem throughout the viticulture process. With 300 days of sunshine per year and a maximum temperature of 40°C, Due Palme wines have aromas of ripe fruit, sweetness followed by balanced acidity and acidity. and has an attractive ruby ​​red color.
Due to the desire to supply high quality bottles of wine worldwide, Due Palme exports about 10 million bottles of Italian wine to 37 countries worldwide each year.

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Vinpearl presents Due Palme Primitivo, a powerful and sensual blend of fine cigars and fine chocolate, Primitivo is one of the grape varieties that Southern Italy’s Puglia region is proud of. This results in a unique wine style with characteristics of the fertile Puglia region.

Santa Rita – Winery with many prestigious awards

One of Chile’s leading wine producers. Santa Rita Highlights Founded in 1880 in the Maipo Valley, Santa Rita was Chile’s pioneer winery in European viticulture. The quality and excellence of Santa Rita wines are regularly recognized by the prestigious North American Wine & Spirits magazine. Santa Rita has also been voted ‘Wondermaker of the Year’ 10 times, and one of only three. Wineries are featured on this prestigious list. The magazine’s Hall of Fame.

For more than 140 years, Santa Rita has worked tirelessly to create fine wines that offer extraordinary experiences. It has maintained its quality for decades and is still loved by wine lovers around the world.

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Two glasses of spicy white wine, the mellow, crisp Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc and the crisp, crisp Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay are the perfect ingredients for your wine discovery journey at Vinpearl.

Ochagavia – Father of today’s Chilean wine industry

Ochagavia is one of the wineries of Carolina Wine Brands, Chile’s oldest wine brand. Silvestre Ochagavia, a founding member of the winery, traveled to Europe to learn new trends in winemaking and returned. Chile where he first planted the Bordeaux grape, he is therefore considered the father of modern Chilean winemaking.

In wine production The Company follows the philosophy of “Sustainable growth with abundant fruit production” and focuses on selecting the best grape varieties in the vineyard for high quality yield. Maintaining the consistency of every bottle of Ochagavia, the company is located in the Central Valley, one of the prime locations for viticulture and winemaking. The area has a mild climate that allows the grapes to ripen well and have very strong aromas and flavors.

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In particular, Ochagavia Espuera is made from red Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with subtle flavors of raspberry and chocolate. Carefully selected at Vinpearl to bring you a unique and poetic Ochagavia experience.

Tatachilla – An elegant fusion of old and new winemaking methods.

Tatashira Winery was founded in 1901. The winery’s name means It’s called the ‘red area’ and is a clear indication of the exceptional quality of the wines and production methods. Traditional wine production has permeated the history of the region.

Tatashira Winery combines old and new world winemaking methods. to produce high quality wine each year This decanter is renowned for the winery’s unique brewing method and the passion of its artisans. It is they who revive wine bottles and impress connoisseurs.

Tatachilla has received a prestigious award for artisanal wine production. It demonstrates the production team’s commitment to creating premium white, red and sparkling wines.

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In particular, red wine Shiraz was selected into Vinpearl’s wine collection, with pepper and leather flavor. The feel of chocolate and the bitterness of the bark. It is this spicy wine that is the reason why this winery is famous and has won many prestigious awards.

Château La Fleur Bellevue – The pinnacle of the Premiere Côte de Bray . Wine Region

Within the vineyards of Premiere Côte de Bray, Château La Rose Bellevue, founded and developed by the Aymouth family, covers 47 hectares and features the unique climate of Nord-Gironde near the mouth of the Gironde River in the Saint-Palais region . Rose Bellevue has received numerous awards from the Concours Agricole de Paris, the Concours de Bordeaux des Vins d’Autaine and the International Prix de Blaet Bourget.

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The renowned producers of Château La Fleur Bellevue meticulously research their secrets and create wines through specialized selection, fermentation and aging processes. This is the ‘top product’ of the Premiere Côte de Bray wine region in Vampir, if you are a fan of red wine, don’t miss the clove-scented Château La Fleur Bellevue Rouge.

Combining ingredients from the world-famous wine “capital” with unique recipes to create an enchanting and sexy taste, each glass of Vinpearl wine contains a fascinating story waiting for visitors. discover:

Note: People under 18 years old are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages.


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