Thien An Monastery – ‘Da Lat’ hidden in the pine hill of Hue

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Thien An Pagoda is the perfect destination for young travelers. beauty of Dalat cool atmosphere and typical Eurasian architecture of Tian’an. This place promises to bring you interesting experiences.

Thien An Monastery The poetic beauty of the green pine forest and the cool climate make this place a sought-after place for many young people. If you are a tourist You cannot ignore this place when coming to Hue.

1. Where is Thien An Tu, how to get to Thien An Tu?

Hue is not only famous for its ancient citadels, temples, and mausoleums. but also famous for its vast pine forest with winding roads and chilly weather like “Da Lat” in autumn This attraction is named Thien An Pagoda, located in the Tui Bang Community. Hoang Thuy District Thua Thien Hue Province Easy to find road combined with romantic scenery Make this a familiar virtual check-in point for young people if given the opportunity. Hue tourism.

Thien An Monastery

Thien An Monastery is about 10 km (10 km) from Hue city center. Just follow Hoai Tuong street to Le Go Cat street – Minh Man street – Khai Dinh street.

Parking is available here. You can start your Thien An Hue trip safely. From here there are two corridors, stairs and ramps. According to the true Thien An backpacking experience, coming here you have to take the stairs and go down the steep road so as not to miss any corners.

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2. History of Thien An Monastery in Hue

“Thien An” means peace in heaven. This land is associated with a special anecdote, which first appeared in 520. The Benedictine Order was founded by Saint Benedict. In 1935, the first Benedictine monastery of Vietnam was officially built in Vietnam. Da Lat city. In April 1938, Father Don Roman Girauma was sent to Vietnam to take over Da Lat Monastery. After living here for a while, he found that Da Lat was a rare land. So he and his monks built another monastery on Tien An hill in Hue. Its full name is Thien An Benedictine Monastery.

Thien An Monastery

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3. Thien An Hue Zen Monastery – Quiet on the peaceful pine hill

3.1 The road to Thien An Monastery meanders through the pine forest.

The road to Thien An Hue is breathtakingly beautiful. with thousands of green pine swaying in the wind It’s an image that can only be found in Da Lat. Probably because of being in Hue, this place also has the “quality” of Hue. Like a pine forest in Da Lat, gentle, dreamy, fresh but not too lonely.

In addition to the beautiful natural pictures of this place. There are still winding and winding roads that create a feeling of ‘strong’, far from the quiet ancient place of Hue.

Thien An Monastery

Cycling on the ice for nearly 10km, the wind and dew seeping through each shirt makes you chill down your spine. The air on the hill is very cool. especially on rainy days The temperature drops quickly and is quite cool.

When you arrive at Thien An Hue Be sure to ask permission from the monks to visit the bell tower. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience! Here you can admire the view of the monastery and the green pine forest. Listen to the whisper of the wind and feel like you are standing in the blue sky.

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3.2 Tian Monastery, a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western architecture

Visitors climb to the main grounds of the monastery. There is a very large garden in front of you. along with the majestic catholic architecture along with the exterior. The delicate and graceful appearance of Asian flair.

The most prominent feature in the overall architecture of Thien An Tu is the tower on the right side of the church. The image of the temple reminds people of the famous Thien Mu pagoda of Hue. It is not clear why there is temple architecture in the monastery. But it’s just a highlight. Is the place ‘unique’?

Thien An Monastery

Tien An Monastery is a special Catholic monastery with a long history and is the residence of monks. They spend most of the day praying and reading in the church.

The church area looks very majestic. There is a statue of Jesus crucified on the cross. the middle aisle and rows of seats for monks to sit and read. Although it has been restored many times due to the devastation of the war. But the architecture of Thien An is still preserved to this day. This gives it a unique appearance through the intersection of two cultures – Asia and Europe.

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4. Recommended accommodation near Thien An Hue Monastery

outside Thien An MonasteryHue has countless famous and unique attractions. Therefore, it is not possible to explore all of Hue in one day, if you plan to stay here for a few days, consider choosing.

Melia Vinpearl Hue will accompany you on this long journey!

Thien An Monastery

MeliaVinpearl Hughes Located at 50A Hung Vuong, Phu Nhuan, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province, this luxury hotel is centrally located just 7.5 km from Hue’s Tien An Monastery. of Hue easily, such as: Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue capital, Hoang Cuong Hill,…

Thien An Monastery

Not only convenient in moving. But you can also choose a place of residence.

Melia Vinpearl Hue also has many “privileges” such as:

  • Experience a luxurious and noble living space with a design that blends modern features with sophisticated mountain and river motifs.
  • Spacious terrace, “authentic” view of the Perfume River and the whole city at night.
  • Right in front of the hotel is a luxury restaurant system. where you can enjoy the taste of Hue and specialties of regions around the world.
  • The sparkling bar area is the perfect place to gather friends after a long journey.

>>> What are you waiting for Book Melia Vinpearl Hue and enjoy the offer!

5. Notes when visiting Thien An Temple in Hue

  • The road to Thien An Monastery in Hue city is not easy to find. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with navigation apps before you go.
  • Don’t forget to charge your phone and bring your camera, as you’ll have plenty of ‘things’ to do in this beautiful setting.
  • This is a religious building. So you have to be careful with your language and move gently. In order not to affect the people around!
  • Dress modestly to enjoy the breathtaking views here.
  • Please don’t waste too much. because it may affect the scenery inside the temple

Thien An Monastery

There is a poetic scene comparable to Da Lat. Thien An Monastery Hue has become a familiar destination for all tourists when visiting the ancient capital. Come to Thien An Monastery to experience the wonderful scenery and weather. We hope the above sharing will bring you a smooth transition and many memorable experiences.

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