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War games have long become an extremely popular game series, with diverse gameplay in terms of genres and a large player community. Let’s find out the hottest names in the war game series with Innnewyorkcity VN!

1. War Thunder – War Game on Steam

As a famous war-themed game, War Thunder still holds the position of a big man in the village of strategy games with more than 230,000 positive reviews on Steam to this day. It can be said that War Thunder is a complete and comprehensive war game that allows you to take part in 3 different battlefields:

  • In the countryside.
  • overhead.
  • On the sea.

The beauty of War Thunder is that no matter which battleground you join, you can support your army on the remaining battlegrounds. For example, you control a warship, you can both support attacks at sea and shoot enemies on land, in addition, our planes can land on the ship for refueling.

The diverse combat vehicle system plus flexible tactics to support all fronts give players a new and exciting feel. In addition, the game allows players to physically interact with the environment, e.g. B. tearing down fences or bombing constructions. This is a big plus in terms of realism in the game.

2. World of Tank – War Game on PC

Regarding the classic war game on PC, one of the most popular names in this series is World of Tank (WoT).
world of tanks
You choose one of hundreds of different tanks to take part in campaigns to sweep the enemy’s battlefield. Players take on the role of a tanker, control his fighting machine and shoot down as many enemy tanks as possible. World of Tank features beautiful graphics with a large and intricate battlefield map. The striking explosion effect is also one of the big plus points. The game has more than 400 different types of tanks to choose from. Each type of tank has its own pros and cons, as well as different ways of playing. You will create a simple car model when you first play and through the process of plowing to own cooler, better and more powerful cars. After each game, your car will be taken in for repairs and you will be temporarily unable to use it for a certain amount of time. So for the game you need to have 3-4 cars in your inventory. In addition, you can upgrade and paint the tank according to your personal preferences.

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3. World of Warships – naval warfare game

The gameplay is similar to World of Tank, but World of Warships brings you into the naval battle experience. You play as one of 350 types of huge warships with dozens of advanced equipment and modern weapons to fight against other players.
world of warships
Many people think that World of Warships is a game based on the success of World of Tank. This is not wrong, but it must be recognized that World of Warships is also an extremely popular war game if at the time of its release it was highly rated by many prestigious game charts such as Gamespot. The difference of this game is that a battleship has more equipment than an armored tank. Ships with a variety of weapons such as torpedoes, automatic machine guns, anti-aircraft artillery and even fighter jets that you can use to attack the enemy.

4. Battlefield 5 – The best PC war game

It would be a huge gap without Battlefield 5 appearing in the list of the best war games on PC. The game takes you to a large battlefield where you play as a soldier to follow the campaign on each and every map.
battlefield 5
You will experience everything in the gameplay of a first person shooter. And besides trying to destroy as many enemy troops as possible, you can use many other types of equipment like tanks or troop ships. Battlefield 5 will really take your breath away with the harshness of the battlefield, the pressure between life and death. You have to go through a rain of bombs, find ways to survive and defeat the enemy. The game also shows you some of the cruel face of war in real life. The game has many interesting features that allow you to customize your characters and weapons. At the moment, Battlefield 5 has a few notable game modes:

  • Single Player: Play alone against bots.
  • Weapon combination: a team of 4 people on a mission.
  • Grand Operation: Battle between 64 players.
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5. Total War Series – The best war game series

If you are tired of being a part of the war and instead want to control an entire army on your own, the Total War series is the right choice for you. Total War does not require high personal skill, ability to aim or drive vehicles, it just needs a tactical mind and smart mind to win every battle. Total War has many parts, each part deals with a topic in different contexts. So far, the game has released a total of 14 game parts, including:

  • General: General War.
  • The Middle Ages: Total War.
  • Rome total war.
  • Middle Ages II: Total War.
  • Empire: Total War.
  • Napoleon: Total War.
  • Total War: Shogun 2.
  • Total War: Rome II
  • Total War: Attila.
  • Total War: Warhammer.
  • Total War: Warhammer 2.
  • Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia.
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms.
  • Total War Saga: Troy.

With 14 games, you can also learn more about the different historical settings of East and West or even the fantasy worlds of European mythology in Warhammer.
Total War series - The best series of war games
Although it differs in themes, troop types, military gear, etc., the game stays true to the orderly gameplay that made it so successful. The Total War experience is a war game experience – a place where you can test your tactical understanding as well as your calculation skills.

6. Royal Warfare Walkthrough – Funny kingdom war game

In kingdom war game Royal Warfare Walkthrough, players lead a royal army of archers, warriors and mages to take part in fierce battles to protect their kingdom from invaders. Nice graphics and different weapons and tactics are the pluses that help the game attract many players.

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7. Battlefield Vietnam – Vietnam American war game

Battlefield: Vietnam is one of the few games that takes the theme of the Vietnam War as its main context. Unlike war games with old heavy weapons, Battlefield offers players a realistic perspective on the war in Vietnam. The US military will use the most advanced warfare tools such as fighter planes, tanks, submarines, heavy artillery… while Vietnam relies heavily on infantry as there aren’t many existing vehicles. As with the US military, the main method of combat is to defend and wait for an opportunity to counterattack.

8. Incursion 2 The Artifact – invasion war game

Invasion 2 artifacts
In the game Incursion 2 The Artifact you play as a commander of a fleet to fight the aliens invading Earth. You must combine the same laser cannons to create a more advanced weapon that will allow you to take part in fierce air battles.

9. Radio Commander – military game

Radio Commander is a war game that puts the player in the role of a military commander giving orders to soldiers via walkie-talkies. Everything that happens in battle is reported to the commander by the soldiers and you will rely on this information and combine the records and information gathered to give crucial instructions. such as attack, retreat, defend, conduct air support, ambulance, etc.

10th Tank Corps 2 Invasion War Game

Panzer Corps 2 has nearly 1000 units, each unit will have its own design, strength and characteristics to help players create many different formations and bring a new feel to the game. play. In addition, players can also create their own maps and invite friends to participate.
Above are 10 best and most popular war games in the world. With a diverse gameplay, this series of games will surely satisfy every player and bring you new feelings in every battle.

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