Top 10 Famous British Beers You Should Try

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Beer is an important part of British culture. British brewers have created some of the most unique and interesting styles of beer.

Today, you can find breweries everywhere that copy classic British brewing techniques.

English brewers began perfecting their craft in the early 1400s. By 1520, the first record of native hops was grown in Kent.

Since then British beer culture has spread around the world. Today you can find ten different British beers. What is one of your hobbies?

English beer

From bitters to classic stout. These are the most popular British beers.


Scotch Ale originated in Scotland in the 13th century. Brewing with yeast produces low bitterness and sweetness of the malt.

Every sip is full of flavor. And your taste buds will appreciate the combination of roasted malt, dried fruit flavors and earthy tones.

Scotch Ale is a high alcohol beer with an alcohol content of 6.2 to 10% by volume (ABV).

Most pubs serve Scotch beer at cellar temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although you can serve scotch with meat. But it is often served as an after-dinner drink. Matches cheese and fruit desserts.

Belhaven Wee Heavy and Real Ale offer a great selection of Scotch beers from their brewery.

Porters and Stouts

Although they look similar and are often confused. But the porter and the fat man are different.

Stouts are best described as dark, bitter and creamy, while porters are dark, malted beers with complex flavors.

The dark roasted malt gives the beer its smoky and coffee flavour. Many coffee beers are stout. In addition to color and flavor, Stout also tends to have a higher ABV than porters.

Guinness is one of the most popular dark beers in the world. If you want to taste stout or porter beer. You can try Bristol Beer Stout or Truman’s London Keeper.

Both offer rich and rich experiences.

pale beer

Pale beers are on the rise and help rekindle the American craft beer scene today.

Brewers use light malts roasted over hot coals and evenly. This gives the beer a distinct amber color.

Traditional British beers tend to be bitter and malty. If you are particularly fond of bitterness, you can find many craft beers with added bittersweet (ESB).

American Pale Ale offers another taste of Pale Ale. Including spicy and fruity flavors.

Pale ale is an extremely versatile beer and can be paired with any food. From Asian dinners to Sunday roasts.

India Pale Ale

If you like hoppy beer, you’ll love a pitcher of India Pale Ale. Since the 1820s, brewers have created four different styles of India Pale Ale with distinct flavors.

The first is the English IPA, which adds bitterness and earthy floral notes. Second, the American IPA is usually sour with a bit of bitterness.

The third is the Imperial IPA, which has a high alcohol content and a distinctive hop flavor. And fourth is the New England IPA, which can have tropical or wheat flavors added to the beer.

The rich hops flavor of the IPA makes it difficult to pair with food. But you’ll find it complements barbecues and burgers.

Brown Alex

Brown beer offers light malt, caramel, chocolate and nutty flavors.

Less bitter and less foamy than other beers. Brown beer is darker in color and ranges in color from light amber to almost black.

Use hops instead – one of the standard ingredients in beer. Brown beer uses brown malt in the brewing process. You’ll find brown beer in four styles: British and American.

A rich chestnut brown beer with a richer flavor and darker colour.

Brown beer complements most meals. Including spicy food like Mexican or Thai food. If you want to try brown beer Some of my favorite brands are Newcastle, Brooklyn and Smuttynose.

Beer crate

Cask ale is an unfiltered beer that is transferred to a keg. Beer is carbonated and sealed as it undergoes final fermentation.

This process produces a highly carbonated beer with a more complex flavor.

The pub serves most cask beers at cellar temperature. Barrel beer can be cloudy due to fresh yeast in the barrel.

The complexity of serving a barrel makes it hard to find in most bars. It is very easy to break. And improper handling can damage beer kegs.

You’ll only find cask beer at bars and pubs that pride themselves on their selection.

Irish red beer

Irish Red Ale fans love the balanced flavors of malt and roasted barley. This combination gives the beer its distinctive reddish-brown color.

Although the beer is a bit bitter. But the caramel malt flavor offsets the bitterness in every sip. You can also enjoy coffee, toffee, or toast with butter.

Irish Red Ale is also known for its mellow flavor and moderate carbonation. This makes it easy to pair with dinner.

Irish food, such as a Reuben sandwich or shepherd’s pie. Goes well with real Irish red beer.

Red Trolley Ale and Paulie’s Not Irish Red are two great options if you want to try an Irish red beer.

Old Ale / English Barley Wine

Old ale is one of the oldest British brewing methods and dates back to the 1400s. It is also known as English Barleywine because Barleywine Bass Brewing was first brewed in 1903.

Both beers have a higher alcohol content than most beers, between 6 and 12%. Taste, color and mouthfeel can vary greatly from barley wine.

You can find barley wines with honey, molasses, bitterness, and malt.

The complex flavor and high alcohol content make barley wine difficult to pair with food. Makes a great after-dinner drink.

Fremont Brewing, Coniston Brewing and Midnight Sun offer a modern take on classic British barley.


As Britain’s national drink, Bitters are the standard drink across the UK. This is the most popular beer in the UK.

Bitter beer is beer brewed in casks. They tend to have a low ABV and range in color from light yellow to dark brown.

This style covers a wide range of brewing styles. And you’ll find that much bitterness is a family brewing tradition.

Ideal brasserie Bitter goes well with traditional British pub food. including fish and chips

Fuller’s London Pride is the all-time favorite bittersweet drink. With a wonderful aroma and a rich and smooth taste.

fatty oatmeal

If you like a smooth and rich beer with caramel and chocolate flavors. You should try oat dark beer.

Oats are added to the brewing process to give the beer a smooth finish and minimal bitterness.

Depends on the brewer You can expect low to moderate alcohol content in oatmeal stout.

Its rich and sweet flavor allows you to pair oat stout with a variety of dishes.

From grilled chicken dinner to chocolate cheesecake. You can always enjoy oat stout.

There are some great oatmeal stout brewers out there. But we are part of Summit Brewing. Their version is smooth and has a large head.

English beer

  1. Scotch
  2. Porters and Stouts
  3. pale beer
  4. India Pale Ale
  5. Brown Alex
  6. Beer crate
  7. Irish red beer
  8. Old Ale / English Barley Wine
  9. sharp
  10. fatty oatmeal

final thought

Which British beer would you like to try first? The British practice many different styles of brewing.

Each style presents a unique beer. And each beer varies from brewery to brewery. From slightly bitter to classic stout. You can find British beers to suit every taste.

What is your favorite style or brand of British beer? We’d love to hear about it and why you’ll love it.

Learn about other beers. From popular American beers to classic German beers.

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