Top 10 Japanese JAV Angels are hot and sexy

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The list of 10 most beautiful and sexy JAV angels of all time captivates many male viewers at first sight.

1. Megu Fujiura – Favorite JAV Angel

JAV angel Megu Fujiura possesses youthful looks with a huge three-lap measure, she gradually overtakes her peers to become one of the world’s most popular adult film actors. age.

In the near future, Megu Fujiura is planning to launch her super project SEX, which will make many brothers look forward to the release date.

2. Rola Takizawa – Pretty face like an angel

Rola Takizawa (real name Rola Misaki) is an adult film actress who has been dubbed “Japan’s national treasure”. This JAV angel born in 1992 has a fiery body and a pretty face like an angel if she has 3 Russian – Japanese – Arabian bloodlines.
Rola Takizawa
With a fiery body, a beautiful face with no dead corners and a height of 1.72m, JAV actress Rola Takizawa has been “breathing” her hot footage.

3. Ria Sakurai – Innocent JAV Angel

Once she got to Prestige, Sakurai Ria quickly rose to become the number one star in the Japanese adult film industry.
Ria Sakurai
Although she doesn’t have a fiery body and skillful skills like her seniors Maria Ozawa or Reon Kadena, the angel JAV Ria Sakurai quickly won the hearts of many people with her innocent face and flawless skin. . Audience.

4. Shion Utsunomiya – Famous JAV Angel

Angel Shion Utsunomiya, born in 1994, is known throughout Asia for her giant lap. In addition, in real life, Shion Utsunomiya also has a round face, which is completely opposite to the body that makes men fall in love.
Utsunomiya Shion
Utsunomiya Shion started her acting career in adult films in 2014, but until now the Japanese beauty’s name really resonates and is known to many people.

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5. Saori Hara – Famous 18+ star

Saori Hara was born on January 1st, 1988, this hybrid rose with two Japanese and German bloodlines is now one of the most famous over 18 movie stars in Japan.
Saori Hara
Despite a modest height of only 1.65m with a plump and alluring body, JAV angel Saori Hara has become a new “phenomenon” of the Japanese adult film series.

6. Akiho Yoshizawa – JAV girl with an innocent face

Yoshizawa Akiho’s real name is Acky, she was born on March 3, 1984 in Tokyo (Japan). After working as a gravure idol, Yoshizawa made his AV acting debut in 2003 when he signed a deal with two studios specializing in the production of adult films, Alice Japan and Max-A.
Akiho Yoshizawa
Her innocent face “cut the hearts of many guys”, even other AV stars like An Nanba or Kaede Matsushima.

7. Tsubasa Amami – Adorable JAV Angel

JAV Angel Tsubasa Amami was born in 1988. She entered the Japanese entertainment industry in 2009 and quickly caused a stir.
Tsubasa Amami
Tsubasa Amami is 1.60 m tall and weighs 43 kg. Measuring 3 rounds is 90/60/89, pretty normal compared to what the JAV actors have in common at the moment.

8. Risa Tachibana – Sexy JAV angel

Risa Tachibana (Takamatsu Eri, born 1993), she is one of the actresses who entered the adult film industry from a young age. She is also one of the “sexy icons” in the 18+ series.
Risa Tachibana
JAV Angel Risa Tachibana used to be part of the training process of the famous Japanese group AKB48, but then decided not to pursue a music career and instead dropped out and became a high school film actress.

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9. Tina Yuzuki – JAV Angel with western beauty

Tina Yuzuki was originally a member of the group Ebisu Muscats. After the group disbanded in 2005, she launched her own solo career and continuously participated in popular Japanese TV shows.
Tina Yuzuki
Also in 2005, Tina also began acting in AV films and was fervently loved, continuously releasing records and driving audiences “crazy” with her fiery beauty and extremely seductive Western beauty.

10. Kotone-amamiya – Brave JAV Angel

Angel JAV Kotone-amamiya was born in 1988, was 1.68m tall and had an impressive 3 round measurement of 87-56-83.
Kotone amamiya
Contrary to her innocent appearance and an extremely daring girl in bed, Kotone-amamiya always knows how to “satisfy” the audience with her mesmerizing shots behind naked frames. Follow Innnewyorkcity to see more news, updated quickly every day!

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