Top 12 delicious, nutritious and cheapest gifts in Gia Lai that everyone loves

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What to buy gifts in Gia Lai must be a common question of many tourists when coming to this sunny and windy land. Gifts for relatives at home, please see the list of 20 most unique gifts in Gia Lai in the article below.

Top 20 Gia Lai specialties as the most special gifts.

A Day of Gia Lai Beef

Beef noodle soup is Gia Lai’s specialty, a gift that is not suitable for everyone. The one-day beef dish with salt has become a culinary culture of Gia Lai people.

Beef must be selected from bison, raised in cages, free-range, and grass-fed. Choosing a piece of meat to make this specialty must be the freshest, leanest piece of meat, cut into thin slices, marinated with necessary spices such as chili, ginger, garlic … and then exposed to the sun for 1 hour. day. The day for meat to be more hunted, put it in a storage bag.

sun-dried cows

Gia Lai people have a very special way of eating: meat mixed with ant salt, é leaves, star fruit, acrid banana. The sweetness of beef combined with greasy ant salt, served with a few pieces of raw vegetables to relieve boredom. If it weren’t for ant eggs, we wouldn’t have been able to find a more perfect combination.

  • Address to buy 1 cow: Co Ba dried meat, 154 Phu Dong, Pleiku town, Yalai province.
  • Reference price: from 500,000 VND / 1kg

family honey

Honey must be no stranger to many people, but Dat Gia Lai is lucky to grow delicious and sweet golden honey. The bees here feed on coffee nectar and tree sap. In the flower season, thousands of bees work together and bring us the quintessential honey product of nature. This is a suitable Gia Lai travel gift for everyone.

What gift does Gia Lai honey buy?
family honey

If you visit Gia Lai and bring home a bottle of wild honey as a gift, surely the people at home will be very happy.

  • Address to buy Gia Lai honey: Pleiku Central Market, Dien Hong Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province.
  • Reference price: from 300,000 VND/bottle

Chia Striped Butter

Not only Dak Lak has avocado, but Gia Lai avocado is equally famous. In Gia Lai, avocado is second only to coffee and pepper. Characteristics of striped avocado, fragrant, elastic, thin skin, small seeds, especially very large fruit. Cooking with butter is very easy. You can make smoothies, salads, pickles or add a little fish sauce.

Gia Lai vegetables and fruits as gifts for Chia Striped Butter
Chia Striped Butter

What to buy in Gia Lai if you don’t take a plane? Not far You can pick up a few kilos of butter. I’m sure everyone at home will love it.

  • Where to buy: Pleiku Central Market Address: Dien Hong Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province
  • Reference price: from 40,000 VND/kg

Mong Gia Lai Coffee

Referring to Gia Lai, the specialty of Gia Lai that cannot be ignored is coffee gifts. That’s pretty wasteful. Cafe Gia Lai is famous everywhere because it is delicious and worth the money. Especially Mongoose coffee, which is the number 1 gift for Gia Lai tourists.

Mongoose coffee, also known as Kopi luwak, is actually mink dung coffee. When eating coffee berries, the mongoose releases the outer shell and swallows the flesh and seeds inside. Ferrets can’t digest coffee beans, so they poop. Coffee beans released by ferrets are fermented by enzymes in the weasel’s stomach. The enzymes in the ferret’s stomach also break down the flavor structure. Makes coffee fragrant and has a faint chocolate taste. Bitter but very tasty People are washed, dried and stored in ideal conditions with moisture from 10 to 12%.

Gia Lai specialties as gifts for Gia Lai Mongoose Coffee
Mong Gia Lai Coffee

It takes 10kg of fresh coffee to make 1kg of Weasel Coffee, which is why the price of this coffee is so expensive. But as I said above, such a difficult production method is worth every penny, right?

Recommended buying point: Mongoose Coffee Thu Ha

  • Address: 9 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Pleiku Town, Gia Lai Province
  • Reference price: from 1,200,000 VND / box of 125g.

Gia Lai salt weaver ants.

In addition to mongoose coffee, ant salt is also one of Gia Lai’s specialties, an attractive gift that few locals have. Since weaver ants only live in cages in the forest (Gia Lai), the salt made from these ants has a very special taste.

Locals catch ants and ant eggs with long sticks, then wash, dry and bake. After the ants are cooked, different flavors are added. Then grind together until smooth. then come back to hunt again. Finish the salty dish with 1 – 0 – 2.

What gifts do Gia Lai tourism buy?  Gia Lai salt weaver ants.
Gia Lai salt weaver ants.

The name sounds slick, but once you’ve eaten weaver ant salt, you’ll remember it forever. Salt has a salty taste with a slight sour taste due to the liquefaction of the ant’s stomach. Fatty ant meat with all kinds of flavors creates a very pleasant taste. Weaver ants eating with cows or fruit are perfect.

What gifts do Gia Lai tourism buy? Currently, ant killer salt is produced in the form of a beautiful box, so it is very suitable for you to buy for your loved ones at home.

  • Suggested shopping spots: Pleiku Central Market, Dien Hong Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province.
  • Reference price: from 250,000 VND/250 grams

Gia Lai Specialty Wine

What should Gia Lai tourism buy? When coming to Gia Lai, don’t forget to buy a bottle of canned wine. Can wine is Gia Lai’s specialty, an ideal gift for holidays and Tet. Buy Gia Lai travel gifts for dad. I’m sure everyone will like it too.

Gia Lai specialties as gifts for Gia Lai Can Wine
Can Gia Lai Wine

Unlike the northern mountainous provinces who like to cook corn wine or rice, Gia Lai people drink bo bo and barley. They make elaborate wine yeast from the leaves of forest trees, traditional medicine … so the wine when finished cooking has a unique flavor that is unmistakable. During Tet, alcohol is brewed in a tuk-tuk or tang jar for official purposes. On weekdays, the wine is distilled in small jars for easy drinking.

  • Buy canned wine at Ruou Can, 10 Le Duan, Chu A, Pleiku, Gia Lai.
  • Reference price: from 300,000 VND/bottle

dried bamboo

Gia Lai’s specialty as the easiest gift to buy must be dried bamboo shoots. Gia Lai dried bamboo shoots are a local specialty and almost everyone knows about them. Cheap quality bamboo shoot tonic is a great gift for all customers.

What to buy in Gia Lai as a gift?  dried bamboo
dried bamboo

Gia Lai bamboo shoots are harvested from or from bamboo trees. This is a thornless plant commonly found in Mang Yang – Gia Lai from June to November every year. Lai Kia people will invite each other to the forest to dig bamboo shoots. Newly grown bamboo shoots are dug up, washed, peeled, split in half and briefly boiled. Wait until the bamboo shoots turn pale yellow, then take them out to cool and dry them in the sun.

  • Suggested shopping spots: Pleiku Central Market, Dien Hong Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province.
  • Reference price: from 80,000 VND/kg


Ganoderma lucidum is a medicinal herb that is not only good for patients, but people who eat Ganoderma in general, the land of Gia Lai was naturally fortunate to receive this precious gift. And if you do not know what to buy gifts in Gia Lai, Ganoderma lucidum will be a suggestion.

Striped Ganoderma grows mainly in primeval forests in Kabang district. This mushroom is a natural mushroom. The shape is irregular and not as glossy as the common Ganoderma lucidum. But therefore it is non-toxic and 100% quality guaranteed.

Gia Lai specialty Ganoderma as a gift
Ganoderma lucidum has high nutritional value and is an expensive gift when traveling to Gia Lai.

Ganoderma lucidum is a valuable souvenir suitable to buy as a gift for adult relatives. You can go to the following address to purchase:

  • 102 Phan Dinh Phung, Mo 11, Tay Son, Pleiku Town, Gia Lai Province
  • Reference price: from 360,000 VND/bag

Tonle Sap dried shrimp

Another Gia Lai specialty as a gift is dried shrimp from the lake. Bien Ho is not just a beautiful check-in place. But here, there is also a delicious and famous shrimp cake for Gia Lai people to process into many attractive dishes. The appearance of the shrimp in Bien Ho is not too big, about the size of a little finger, but very strong and fat.

Gia Lai specialties as gifts Tonle Sap dried shrimp
Tonle Sap dried shrimp

Bien Ho dried shrimp will be a gift to travel to Gia Lai that is loved by mother and grandmother. in the processing of dried shrimp in Bien Ho People wash shrimp, process it, and then dry it to eat gradually. Red shrimp meat, naturally sweet. Therefore, it is very suitable for preparing stews, soups…

  • Where to buy: At Pleiku central market or specialty shops here, about 100,000 VND / jar.


In addition to the Gia Lai specialty gift, an equally interesting Gia Lai tourist gift for the sisters and mothers at home is a souvenir. Bring back Gia Lai souvenirs for the couple to keep for a long time and help you recall happy moments. That’s not a bad idea.

Most of Gia Lai’s souvenir shops are located in Pleiku. Although the number of stores is not much, each store is spacious and has a variety of products. You can refer to bags, wind chimes, gourds to lovely handmade models such as stilts, manly, manly and even hand-knitted products of Gia Lai people. these loves

Gia Lai specialties as souvenirs

Gia Lai souvenir prices range from a few tens to hundreds of thousands of baht. Thanks to the skillful hands of the craftsmen. Each product brings the whole heart of the people here to pass on to visitors.

Suggested address to buy Gia Lai souvenirs:

  • Address: 57 Quang Trung, Pleiku Town, Gia Lai Province
  • Or follow the famous tourist spots, there are souvenir stalls.

Therefore, we introduce the specialties of Gia Lai as an attractive gift for you. Hope from this article you already know what to buy in Gia Lai, right? Do you have any other gift suggestions for Gia Lai tourists? Come share with us Thanks for reading and have a nice journey.

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