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Farm games have long since become an extremely popular game genre among both male and female gamers. Innnewyorkcity VN would like to present you the list of 12 best farm games, the best online farm games for gamers.

1. Hay Day – The World’s Multiplayer Farming Game

Farm game Hay Day has long become one of the legendary games in farm game village on mobile. Until now, this game has more than 100,000,000 downloads on CH Play and is rated 4.5 stars by more than 12,000,000 members. That’s enough for us to see how attractive the game really is and how big the community is. When you come to Hay Day you will be transformed into a farmer who works hard to cultivate, breed and produce to earn money, gain experience and expand land.

Hay Day has extremely high quality graphics, realistic and extremely sharp images. Besides, the game is also very well optimized, so the gaming experience is still very smooth no matter which level you build up. A special feature of Hay Day is that players can create and sell their own “homemade” products. This feature will help improve interaction and exchanges between players. Hay Day download link:

2. Farming Simulator 14 – The most realistic farming game

If you want to experience a farming game as realistic as possible, Farming Simulator 14 is a name not to be missed. The picture quality is okay, the sound system is good, but the new gameplay drives many crazy.
Farming Simulator 14 - The most realistic farming game
Farming Simulator 14 doesn’t have a simple surf and click option like other farming games. Here you have to manually sow seeds and harvest agricultural products. So it really isn’t for everyone, especially the impatient. But if you are familiar with Farming Simulator 14 gameplay, then this is truly one of the best farming experiences. Download Farming Simulator 14:

3. Township – online farm game

Debuted not long after the release of Hay Day, but Township also has a strong following. The experience that this game brings is really great when the game publisher has taken care of every little detail. Not as diverse as Hay Day, but Township does a pretty good job of constantly innovating gameplay and launching new events that almost never bore players.
town, village
The farm is equipped with countless decoration items, so you can design everything in many different styles, e.g. B.: modern, rural, oasis, … Download Township to your device:

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4. Stardew Valley – Funny farming game

Stardew Valley farming gameThis fun farming game is inspired by the Harvest Moon game. Players create a character and then claim the land for themselves. On this first small piece of land, the player takes over a house left by his grandfather. Stardew Valley game has many different farm themes to choose from, just like in real life there are different types of farms. After the selection is completed, you will start farming, but first you will have to reclaim land, clear rocks, cut down trees, sow seeds… When the farm’s operation is stable, you can open it. Interact extensively with NPC characters in the game, including those who come to rent land, buy agricultural products … not only grow crops, you can also dig ponds, raise fish … Load Stardew Valley on her Device down, calculated at:

5. Harvest Land – Mobile farming game

When you come to Harvest Land, you will be transported to a peaceful island where there is almost no competition and no fighting. Players must do whatever it takes to increase production, increase population, and expand the island. The game requires harvesting and planting work to be done by humans, so the reality in the game is very high, which creates a more attractive feeling to play. In addition, the graphics are very beautiful and creative, no different from the name that this super product owns. So the addictiveness that Harvest Land brings is extremely high.
reap land
The in-game communication feature also received many positive reviews as it allowed players to chat with each other without barriers. Download the Land of Harvest game:

6. Green Farm 3 – Green farm game

Wild Green Farm Farm 3
Also known as Green Farm game, attractive rural life simulation game with beautiful and vivid graphics. The player will inherit the farm from his uncle, your task is to manage everything here, from farming to livestock and business strategy. Through the tasks of the game you will understand more about the work of the farmer. To expand the scale, the farm products you produce are sold, traded with outsiders, and bought back as fodder for cattle and poultry…even by buying more land, expanding territory.

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7. Family Farm Seaside – farm game for kids

Introduced in 2016, Family Farm Seaside has grown into a farming game village phenomenon with tons of upgrades that no other product has. Family Farm Seaside has an extremely cute graphic style and is suitable for all ages. The game offers more than 200 different crops, pets and goods. In addition, the unique daily mission system creates a desire to explore for a long time without getting bored. In particular, you can also build tourist areas to attract tourists to your farm.
Family farm by the sea
If you want your kids to play specific games that are healthy, attractive and highly entertaining, then Family Farm Seaside is excellent. Download Family Farm Seaside to your device:

8. Villages and farms

Village and Farm has the graphic style, design and features very similar to Hay Day. So similar that it can be said that this is a different version of Hay Day. Or, to put it bluntly, blatant copying. This is also one of the farming games on PC that attracts a large number of players. Village and Farm also has a delivery function to get gold and experience, there are also neighbors who often come to buy goods, mines, crab ponds, cargo boats, … not unlike Hay Day. So why is it worth playing if you already have Hay Day?
village and farm
Although similar, Village and Farm’s graphic style is more rural. The buildings have an impressive design that makes us feel like a fairytale village within a fairytale. Thanks to the aesthetic factor, Village and Farm makes many people “dead tired” of this farming game. Download Village and Farm to your computer:

9. Farmville 2

FarmVille 2 has a fairly simple 2D graphic design, the game has bright colors, a clean and neat interface that is easy to see. Also, the game is very well optimized, making your experience extremely smooth.
Farm Ville 2
In FarmVille 2 you can not only build your own farm, but also experience countless new adventures. The game has many different game modes, many support functions to help you develop the farm more easily. And most importantly, you can play without an internet connection. Download FarmVille 2 game:

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10. Let’s Farm – online farm game for mobile

Farm game allows farm
Let’s Farm is an online farming game playable on Android and iOS. The game combines farming and animal husbandry, in each specific level you unlock a new feature. Farm work and livestock care are so familiar, you have to plow the soil, sow, fertilize, harvest, feed the cattle, fetch eggs, fetch milk… Eventually you will get the hang of it. Orders require players to prepare enough farm products that they can exchange for money. As the business expands you will have a maid and of course pay that person. The later, the more features are unlocked, sometimes you have to pay to be able to experience them. Download Let’s Farm game to your computer:

11. Funny farm game – game of the past

Funny farming game in the past, all Vietnamese version is one of the most popular farming games of 9x generation. The main challenges in the game are still planting trees, raising livestock, collecting items to accumulate and improve the garden. The game’s interface is modeled after the old Vietnamese village, giving players a sense of closeness and familiarity.
farm game
A difference from the online farm games popular today is that you can adjust the date and time in the game independently of the real time, which allows you to easily reduce the time to level up. as.

12. Zing me farm game: fun garden

Zing mes fun gardening game, although the gameplay revolves around the care and cultivation of crops, but with a beautiful interface, unique items create an attractive and attractive feeling for players.
farm game
Unique items and shimmering, magical graphics are the special features that make this farming game on Zing me attract a large number of players. It can be said that this is one of the best farming games in the world. The 9x system is particularly popular.
Above is a list of 12 good farming games, best online farming games of all time that you should not ignore. Although each farming game has its own substance, they will bring you a sense of relaxation as you build your own farm.

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