Top 15 best mobile games in the world, latest 2022

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Mobile games are always popular due to their convenience. With mobile devices, gamers can play anywhere and chat after hours of tedious work without the need for a bulky device like a laptop. COMPUTER.

1. PUBG Mobile – An indispensable name in the top mobile games

PUBG Mobile is known today for the most attractive battle royale shooting game, which is attended by hundreds of thousands of players around the world.

In survival gameplay, all players are thrown out of a jet from the sky. The ability to move flexibly and collect and use the necessary weapons and items on the desert island will be the factors that will help players fight and survive to the end. PUBG Mobile has many types of maps that take players to various tough battlefields. Teamplay mode allows players to make interaction and collaboration extremely delicate and attractive. That is also the reason, because this game is just an upcoming mobile game, PUBG has created an extremely good spillover effect in the community.

2. League of Legends: Wild Rift – The hottest online mobile game out there

League of Legends fans found waiting in vain when the Riot game launched the mobile version of Wild Rift in December 2020.
League of Legends: Wild Rift - The hottest online mobile game out there
Your dream of playing League of Legends on your phone has come true. Wild Rift brings a fluid and hands-on feel to the game. Not only that, the tension and excitement inherent in the PC is reproduced intact on the mobile. Before LoL Wild Rift was officially released in Vietnam, many players had to download a VPN in order to experience and test this game on an international server. But that’s a thing of the past for now. Although the gameplay is nothing new and even Wild Rift doesn’t differ much from the PC version – which has been around for quite a while, this is definitely a new game that deserves to be ranked among the top mobile games. or in the market.

3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the famous Minecraft game on PC, suitable for easy installation and use on iOS and mobile operating systems.
Minecraft Pocket Edition
Designed just like the PC version, the Pocket Edition maintains the gameplay that requires extreme skill from the players to collect resources and build an infrastructure. The dangers of vines, spiders or zombies “horror” in the game are always lurking, promising an interesting but equally challenging gaming experience for you. Especially in game modes like creative mode or survival mode you lose all resources when you lose. Minecraft: Pocket Edition promises a lot of interesting experiences and in terms of comfort it is significantly higher than the PC version.

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4. Asphalt 9: Legends – Legendary mobile game

The legendary name Asphalt has always been one of the top mobile games when it comes to speed enthusiasts.
Asphalt 9: Legend
In the latest racing game versions, Asphalt always offers players a perfect speed experience thanks to the following factors:

  • Sharp graphics, extremely lively and bloody sound.
  • Race car rankings from many famous and world class car manufacturers.
  • The courses are simulated and designed with a variety of weather, terrain and obstacles.
  • Loads of loot that appears in the race makes the game so much fun.

The latest mobile game release from this gaming company is Asphalt 9. Launched in late 2018, Asphalt 9 has continued the success of its predecessors to the present day and proved what it’s worth. Speed ​​fans and gamers around the world have been looking forward to it.

5. Temple Run 2 – The best mobile game in the casual genre

Temple Run 2 is a mobile game from the genre of endless running games that is very familiar to each of us. Extremely simple role-playing game, your character has to run constantly to escape from monster pursuit.
Temple Run 2 - The best casual mobile game
But your job doesn’t come easy. Players must concentrate intensely to control the character’s movement direction, overcome obstacles and treacherous terrain, earn gold and other loot to improve the character. Despite being a casual game, Temple Run 2 requires you to be flexible and highly focused, which is also the reason for the game’s appeal.

6. Survival Heroes – survival game on mobile

Featuring a delicate combination of two recently popular game genres, Moba and Survival, Survival Heroes is a new mobile game that launched in 2020 but has captivated the gaming community.
survival hero
You play as a warrior in the game, make the most of your fighting skills, collect loot and use them to survive in an extremely fierce battle. Unfortunately, this game died prematurely in Vietnam and the publisher Gamota had to close this game almost a year after launch. But in the global market, Survival Heroes is still one of the mobile games that has won wide acclaim from the community.

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7. Warface Mobile – Today’s latest mobile game

Warface Mobile is a mobile game version released after the success of the game of the same name on PC. Featuring dramatic gunplay and speed, Warface Mobile challenges players to make the most of their skills in movement, aiming and weapon use.
Warface Mobile - New mobile game stirs up the community
Not only that, the beautiful and diverse super weapons in the arsenal will bring unforgettable experiences to the players. Vivid sound effects, sharp and realistic images have brought great success to Warface Mobile. This new mobile game version promises players the same immersive experiences as the PC version.

8. Auto Chess – Good online game on mobile

If you are a Dota games lover, you definitely cannot ignore Auto Chess. With beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay with many different tactics in each game. Your task is to choose the best pieces for yourself, improve them and win the opponent.

9. Love Wish 2 – hentai mobile game

Featuring more than 20 female characters with hot curves and sharp graphics, you will admire the bodies of beautiful girls. You will receive well-deserved rewards for completing the in-game challenges.

10. Crash Land – survival game on mobile

In the game Crash Land you play as a character who is trapped on an alien planet. Your task is to collect available resources to survive and fight the enemy. The game supports more features like crafting weapons and equipping more weapons to help players improve their combat and survival skills conveniently.

11. Last Day on Earth – Mobile Role Playing Game

Inspired by the zombie theme, in the Last Day On Earth game you play as a sane human trying to survive. Playing the role of a lucky human who has special antibodies against the zombie virus, he lives in an environment full of zombies looking for food and water to survive. Also, you are equipped with more modes to train weapons, build houses and create bases to complete your mission.

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12. DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak – mobile game to play with friends

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak With a fairly simple gameplay, you can comfortably use many different weapons to destroy zombies. These weapons appear under blueprints hidden somewhere in the Supply Crate. This is quite a fun game to play with your friends.

13. Pokemon Cafe Mix – Today’s hottest mobile game

In the game Pokemon Cafe Mix you turn into a cafe owner who specializes in serving food and drinks for Pokemon. The gameplay is extremely simple but extremely interesting. You can unlock many decorative items for the cafe after completing the challenges.

14. Battle Prime Online – Top Mobile Games

Battle Prime Online is a game that has pretty realistic graphics in every scene and character. The best thing is that the game has many power modes that you can use to unleash fights in the match.

15. Mythic Manor – Sex game for mobile phones

Mythic Manor is a Full HD game that is not listed as a top product. Players play the role of a farm owner who lives with 5 beautiful, fiery girls. Every day the chef relaxes, drinks tea and enjoys the scenery, because the rice is served, the water is poured, and in the evening, 5 girls serve from A to Z whenever necessary. Above are the 15 best and newly launched mobile games on the market. Innnewyorkcity VN hopes the article has given you the right games to choose from. Don’t forget to invite more friends to play the game with you. Playing the game is only fun if you have the opportunity!

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