Top 16 check-in places in Thanh Hoa you can’t miss

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Thanh Hoa is said to be a place where hundreds of “so deep” pictures can be taken just standing there. Let’s take a look at the top 16 places to check in in beautiful Thanh Hoa and forget the way back in this coastal city!

People who travel to certain areas want to capture beautiful moments there. Thanh Hoa is no exception. With 1,001 excellent shooting angles to fit in a pocket. Thanh Hoa check-in location Find the information below to make your trip even better.

1. The place to check in Thanh Hoa is naturally beautiful.

1.1. Suoi Hieu – Where everything falls into the ‘rock’

Sui Hyo is Thanh Hoa check-in location Very poetic for those who like to live virtual. According to the people here to reach the fairy river From Can Nam city, a long distance of 25 km, Suoi Hieu belongs to Co Lung commune, Ba Thuoc district, Hieu river has many limestone. That’s why we call it “rock”, but river water flows and limestone floats on grass and ground.

The best time to visit Hieu River is around June. Because this spring weather is cool. Meanwhile Many fields are ripe. leading to a naturally beautiful village landscape

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

1.2 Pu Luong Nature Reserve – Check in Pu Luong Thanh Hoa is beautiful and poetic.

Phu Luong Nature Reserve is located in the Northwest, about 130 km from Thanh Hoa, with an area of ​​​​about 18,000 hectares, which is highly appreciated in terms of science. ecotourism and economic value… This is home to a variety of plants and animals. Including hundreds of species of animals, 51 species of rare animals, bamboo forests, shrubs and other seasonal plants…

Check-in at Thanh HoaCheck in at Thanh Hoa.

1.3.Cam Tuy Giang fishing stream

Thanh Cam Tuy fish stream is located at the foot of Truong Singh mountain in Cam Tuy town, Thanh Hoa, called the god fish stream because of its dense population and preserved with high population density. Check-in point in Thanh Hoa It is popular with many tourists.

According to the belief of the townspeople The more fish swim together. life becomes more prosperous and full. They don’t just catch and eat fish. but worship them as gods to bring prosperity to their people.

Check-in at Thanh Hoa

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1.4.Ben Yen National Park

About a 20-minute drive from Thanh Hoa city center, Ben En National Park is the pride of Thai people with immense green forests, picturesque caves, towering rocky mountains and landscapes. wonders. and diverse ecosystems of plants and animals

You can come here and freely take pictures with many interesting activities such as canoeing and canoeing on the Mook River. Visit Ngoc Cave and the village. You can camp and have a BBQ party in the Ben Yen National Forest, which will be an unforgettable bonding experience!

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

1.5.Tu Thuc – The check-in place in Thanh Hoa is surprisingly beautiful

Thu Tuc cave is also known as Bich Dao cave because there are many stalagmites and stalactites in different shapes and sizes. Tootook Cave is associated with the legend of Tootook’s meeting with fairies. Tootook Cave has a fairy, dreamy and magical beauty as told in folk stories. The cave is located on Tam Diep mountain, Nga Son district.

Coming here and entering a cave is like entering a completely different scene. There are stalagmites and peach-shaped stalactites. And the stalactites below are like treasures. gold treasure of the world When you go further, you will encounter a small clear lake dotted with tiny stone flowers, undeniably the high quality and unique Tu Thuc scenes.

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

1.6 Konmek Falls

Thac May belongs to Dang Thuong village, Thach Lam commune, Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa Satsuki no Taki, known as “Nine floors of love”.

Legend has it that lovers who bathe here will have a passionate and long-lasting love. The best time to visit May waterfall is from June to August. Suitable for cooling off in hot summer days.

Check-in at Thanh Hoa

1.7.City Island

The city island is located in the middle of a vast forest. This is an unspoiled and natural valley deep in the Pluea Nature Reserve. Thanks to that, despite the hustle and bustle of life outside, Muong Kho still retains its poetic, peaceful and ancient features.

The path to this place is also a big challenge for visitors. Because one side is the abyss and the other side is the cliff. If you come here from May to October You will be able to see seasonal rice terraces surrounded by mountains and dark green forests. It adds satiety and warmth to life.

Check-in at Thanh Hoa

1.8. Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is shaped like a bending dragon. along the southern slope of the Ma River The majestic mountain range lies in a poetic valley surrounded by immense pine trees and finally reaches to the horizon, on the mountain is Long Quan Cave, where many famous scenic spots are located. such as Nguyen Trai, Le Thanh Ton wrote a poem

1.9. Long Quan Cave

Long Quang cave is often called the Dragon Eye Cave by the Thanh people when standing outside the cave. The whole scene of Thanh Hoa seems to be hidden by mountains. Many poets and kings of the past visited this place and recited their poems because of their favorable location.

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

1.10 Thien Son Cave

Thien Son cave is located in Dong Son village, Ham Long district, about 4 km east of Thanh Hoa city center. including the main palace of the fairy lake and a comfortable palace. This gives Tiansen cave a unique beauty.

The beautiful scenery here has a Buddha statue with stalagmites and lotus-shaped stalactites. Compassionate Buddha. The toad opened its mouth and opened its eyes wide. The image of a tiger facing Buddha

Check-in at Thanh Hoa

1.11.Black tie version

Black Thai village in Quang Son district, Thanh Hoa district, is where the Thai people live. The road to the village is not too difficult. But because of the isolated setting surrounded by dense bamboo trees. The villages of the Black Thai people are therefore quite barbaric.

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

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2. Arrive in Thanh Hoa and check in on the beautiful beach.

2.1 Samson Beach

mention Check-in location in Thanh Hoa If it’s beautiful, don’t miss Samseong beach. The best time to go to the beach is in the summer in June and July. Here you can struggle, swim and check in under the cool, blue water. Sam Son Beach welcomes thousands of tourists every day and is increasingly crowded. Please refer to when going on holidays, Tet.

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

2.2 Quang Nam Beach

Quang Nam beach is only 25 km from Thanh Hoa, has fresh air and a variety of fresh seafood. Visit Quang Nam beach to watch the sunset and watch the boat return from fishing Walk along the white sand beach…

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

2.3 Check-in Thanh Hoa at Vinh Son Beach

Different from the bustling Sam Son beach, Vinh Son beach is quieter and less known. The road to the beach is difficult. But the beautiful scenery will blow your mind. The freshness and nature of the beach is ideal for picnics with family and friends. So very safe for families with young children.

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

2.4 Haitian Beach

Hai Tien beach is a new beach on Thanh Hoa tourist map, this beach is about 2 km long, sparsely populated. And there are facilities under construction. This place is pretty deserted. If you like unique and quiet photo spots, come to Hai Tien Beach now!

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

2.5.East Beach

Bai Dong is located about 60 km from Thanh Hoa, very convenient for tourists who are looking for a weekend getaway. Beaches often have weather and scenery that match the saying “Blue sky, white clouds, yellow sunshine”.

Not only that, the famous virtual living spot of Thanh Hoa East Beach is also a rocky beach of the sea, but here there are coral reefs and slippery deep holes. Therefore, you need to pay attention to safety when shooting.

Check in at Thanh Hoa.

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Check-in at Thanh Hoa

Many Thanh Hoa check-in location A beautiful place that must be discovered once. We hope the above tips will make your upcoming vacation more convenient.

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