Top 17 Most Beautiful JAV Actresses in 18+ Japanese Movies

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Referring to 18+ Japanese Movies, the faces of the best JAV Saints will appear immediately. However, I don’t know if the faces you are thinking of are in the following top most beautiful Japanese JAV 18+ actors?

Most Beautiful JAV Actors in 18+ Japanese Movies

The Japanese 18+ film industry is growing rapidly. A number of film studios, large and small, have recruited countless new faces. This is to meet the beauty’s satisfaction needs and increase viewers’ emotions. It is also a measure to increase competitiveness. Today you have the opportunity to see all these gorgeous faces in just one article. Now let’s explore this cool mlem list with Innnewyorkcity VN.

1. Mei Satsuki – Potential JAV actress

Satsuki Mei was born on August 25, 2000 and is considered to be one of the potential JAV actresses among young actors. Mei possesses a sweet, pure beauty and a well-proportioned body with 3-round measurements of 87-60-86.

May Satsuki
May Satsuki
May Satsuki
beautiful java actress

2. Saika Kawakita – JAV actress with big breasts

Saika Kawakita entered the JAV film industry in 2019 and quickly achieved considerable success. A JAV rookie born in 1999 with a huge E Cup first round, Saika has always been the leading name in recent JAV actor rankings.
Saika Kawakita
Saika Kawakita
Saika Kawakita
Saika Kawakita

3. Minami Aizawa – Beautiful JAV idol

Minami Aizawa is the winner of the “Adult Film Oscar” – Fanza Adult Award 2019. Born in 1996, the girl started her career in 2016 and is currently at the top of the most expensive faces.
Oscars for adult films
Minami Aizawa

4. Sakura Momo – JAV Class Girl is pretty

Sakura Momo is the most expensive A-list star of Idea Pocket studio in particular and the Japanese film industry over 18 in general. In 2018, this girl, born in 1996, was awarded in the prize category “Japanese Adult Film Oscar” – Fanza Adult Award.
the most beautiful JAV actor
Sakura Mom

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5. Kana Momonogi – Most Beautiful JAV Idol Actors

Momokan is the next face to appear in the most beautiful JAV actors. Born in 1996, the girl has 900,000 followers via Twitter and more than 800,000 followers on Instagram. Besides being a JAV idol, Kana Momonogi is also active in the group Ebisu Muscats.
Idol JAV
Kana Momonogi

6. Karen Kaede – Beautiful JAV actress

Karen Kaede was born in 1999, is a junior in the same management company as the beautiful Sakura Momo. She used to choose a job as a gravure model, but at the end of 2018 she turned her attention to popular films. In a sense, many fans compared Karen’s beauty to Trieu Vy.
Hot girl movie
Karen Kaede

7. Akari Tsumugi – The most beautiful and youngest JAV actress

One of the most handsome and young jav actors is definitely Akari Tsumugi. She once won the Best Rookie award and won a small prize at the 2018 Fanza Adult Awards. When asked about her hobbies, she shared that she likes kpop, likes to drink milk tea, eats snacks and is addicted to it, Watching Youtubers eat and drink.
The most beautiful JAV actress
Akari Tsumugi

8. Anna Kami – Beautiful aspiring JAV actress

Anna is a rising name in the world of hot 18+ girls. She only entered the hot movie industry in 2020. She shared that she was an office worker before and her sex life with her boyfriend was quite boring. After watching porn, she became curious and started researching the profession.
Actor AV
Anna Kami

9. Eimi Fukada – Beautiful successful JAV actress

Eimi Fukada is one of the most handsome and successful JAV actors today. It seems that the name of the girl born in 1998 is not known. Prior to 2018, she worked under the stage name Amami Kororo but received little attention. Currently, she is the most expensive and expensive idol in the world.
holy woman JAV
Eimi Fukada

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10. Yua Mikami – Beautiful talented JAV actress

Yua Mikami is not only the most beautiful JAV actress but also possesses many talents that fans admire. She previously debuted with K-pop groups (Honey Popcorn), SKE48 and Ebisu Muscats. She is also active in the modeling industry and is currently studying business administration.
golden face in hot movie village
Yu Mikami

11. Rola Misaki – JAV actress with western beauty

Rola Misaki was born in 1992 and has been involved in adult film since childhood. Her name draws attention thanks to her extreme beauty. Her beauty is considered western with a high bridge of the nose, large round eyes and most importantly a charming body.
Rola Misaki
Takizawa Rola

12. Emiri Suzuhara – Beautiful Rookie JAV

Emiri Suzuhara is one of the most beautiful and promising young 18+ rookies in the Japanese entertainment industry. She has the standard Asian muse face and small body with a loli part. Although she has little acting experience, she still has millions of fans thanks to her gorgeous beauty.
promising young rookie
Emiri Suzuhara

13. Tsukasa-Aoi – The most beautiful JAV actress

One of Japan’s most famous JAV actors, Tsukasa-Aoi is a bright face with an increasingly open future. She owns a hot body and daring sex movies.
Tsukasa-Aoi - the most beautiful jav actress

14. Abe Mikako – Beautiful charming JAV actress

Abe Mikako started her acting career in 2012 and quickly became a bombshell as she had hundreds of hot movies and attracted many viewers. She possesses an enchanting beauty, with a huge bust size up to 100 desirable.
Abe Mikako - the most handsome jav actor

15. Megi Fujiura – Beautiful JAV actress of all kinds

In the land of cherry blossoms, Megi Fujiura is one of the most coveted names. She has three measurements of 92 – 57 – 85 each, she performed very well in the film, enough to add to the fun of watching the film.
Megi Fujiura - the most beautiful jav actress

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16. Akiho Yoshizaw – Loli style JAV actor

With an innocent face and a loli style, Akiho Yoshizawa never ceases to amaze the boys with his real age. Despite being over 30 years old, Akiho Yoshizawa is still struck by his “sweetness”. Often as a student, new secretary, innocent, many male viewers can not contain themselves.
Akiho Yoshizaw - the most beautiful jav actor

17. Aso Nozomi – JAV actor with diverse expressions

Aso is a rare face who starred in films from a very early age but also managed to transform into a face full of potential. She always brings unexpected expressions, enough to delight viewers. She is loved for her videos that showcase her speaking skills and difficult poses.
Aso Nozomi - the most handsome jav actor
The top 17 most beautiful JAV actor faces in 18+ Japanese movies that Innnewyorkcity VN just featured are not ranked. I don’t know if the list above mentioned your JAV idol name. Please leave a comment to let us know.
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