Top 18+ Anime Style Games for Wibu

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Game 18+ anime style, although the number is quite modest, but the quality is quite high. Here Innnewyorkcity will send you a list of adult Wibu games you shouldn’t miss.

destiny child

  • Developer: SHIFT UP Corporation, NextFloor.
  • Publisher: SHIFT UP Corporation, LINE GAMES Corporation.
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows.
  • Release date: October 27, 2016.
  • Genre: Trading Card Game.

As the top rated mobile card game, Destiny Child is released on Android and iOS platforms and is available in 164 countries. Developed by SHIFTUP, the game follows the journey of a demon king and his female monsters. The game allows you to collect 300 different characters and build yourself a reasonable army to defeat the enemy. In each level, the player must continuously click on the monster to cause damage, the stronger the team, the greater the damage.

Destiny Child has extremely high quality graphics, sharp images, extremely detailed characters with 3 sexy wavy rings. Some characters in particular are also favored by the developer for their extremely revealing costumes, which emphasize their hot bodies. In addition, Destiny Child also has PvE and PvP modes, with a rich daily mission system, each activity gives many attractive gifts, so the game is loved by players. .

Nancy’s Summer VR – Game 18+ Virtual Reality

  • Developer: Silver Moon Internet, .
  • Publisher: Silver Moon Internet, 银月网络.
  • Platform: Windows.
  • Release date: 13.12.2016.
  • Genre: Casual, Role Playing (RPG).

Once launched on Steam and became a phenomenon of the PC 18+ game series of the classic RPG genre. Nancy’s Summer VR is one of the few games that uses virtual reality technology, thereby increasing the experience for players.
Nancy's Summer VR - Game 18+ Virtual Reality
In the game, players turn into an experienced photographer, players and friends experience together places with beautiful scenery, from beaches to nightclubs to parks. Players can choose different clothes for their girlfriends, pose for photos, comfortably admire their lover’s body and take shimmering photos. With the application of virtual reality technology, any immersive experience just got better as you can now easily explore everything on Nancy’s hot body. Nancy’s Summer VR is really a great game for those who are still FA.

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Boxing Angel – Anime Fighting Game 18+

  • Developer: MONO PLAY Co., Ltd.
  • Publisher: MONO PLAY Co., Ltd.
  • Platform: Android, IOS.
  • Genre: Action.

If you love both girls wearing 2 strings with extremely large 3 lap measurements and enjoy fighting games then Boxing Angel is your best choice. The game brings players to fierce competition of girls against each other.
Boxing Angel - Anime Style Fighting Game 18+
Boxing Angel has a not so special plot and is all about girls who enter boxing matches to prove that they are not weak and passionate about the subject. The game has female character design which is quite contrary to the gameplay, especially most of them have loli body, sexy hot body, 3 full rounds, and their voices are also very different from other games. boxing regularly. This is also the unique selling point of Boxing Angel.

Sakura Clicker – One of the hottest 18+ anime games

  • Developer: Winged Cloud
  • Publisher: Canh May.
  • Platform: Windows.
  • Release date: 07/30/2015.
  • Category: Clickers.

Always at the top of the best 18+ games in the world, Sakura Clicker has a gameplay that will make you extremely excited. The characters in the game all have hot 3-round bodies accompanied by sexy costumes that will make players blush every time they play.
Sakura Clicker - Anime style game
Sakura Clicker follows the journey of defeating monsters across the continent to bring peace to the kingdom. However, to fool the warriors, the monsters turned into sexy girls. The gameplay of this game is quite simple, you have to click on the monsters that appear on the screen to deal damage. Every time they die, they drop money to help players level up their roster. The more powerful warriors the team has, the more damage it deals.

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Negligee – Match 18+ anime with the best storyline

  • Developer: Dharker Studio.
  • Publisher: Dharker Studios Ltd.
  • Platform: Windows.
  • Release date: October 20, 2016.
  • Genre: Visual Novels.

Even if it’s not an 18+ face up game, Negligee will still get you in big trouble if you let your parents see it. Ranked as the top anime and hentai style game in recent years, Negligee features familiar visual novel gameplay and a deep plot with sexy female characters who always wear provocative, revealing costumes. .
Negligee - Match 18+ anime with the best plot
Players explore the game’s story through the 4 characters Karen, Charlotte, Sophie and Jasmine. In there:

  • Karen: Karen has an unhappy marriage due to sexual abuse, she has to leave her husband, find a new love and start over.
  • Jasmin: As a stripper, Jasmin is a bit self-deprecating and uncertain about his future.
  • Charlotte: A shy, shy girl, she decides to live her own life more gracefully and better with everyone.
  • Sophie: As a carefree young girl, Sophie has countless quick affairs with both men and women only to pay the price for that lifestyle.

With a varied plot, each story is very profound, Negligee is highly appreciated by the community and has a large following. It is also one of the best selling 18+ titles on Steam.

Hope you have great entertainment moments with these 5 18+ anime style games. Follow Innnewyorkcity VN for the most useful information!

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