Top 3 NFT games that will explode in 2022

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NFT games are very hot, a number of big players have also officially entered this lucrative game market and predict NFT will become popular in the future.

Top 3 NFT games that will explode in 2022


It can be said that Silks is a very special game, with quite a large inventory, horses with full information and bloodline, purebred. The task of the players is to take care of horses and participate in races to get rewards in the game.

Players must take care of horses and feed them fodder in the game’s ecosystem. If the pairing is successful, the player will receive valuable rewards.

Association of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a game based on a novel about a mystical kingdom in which there are many types of monsters. Players need to calculate and use reasonable tactics to win the games. Although not yet officially launched, Guild of Guardians already has 200,000 pre-registrations.
Top 3 NFT games that will explode in 2022
This is a free NFT game, without large investments like many other games, Guild of Guardians players can experience the storyline completely freely and then get rewards.


Polygonum is a free cross-platform NFT title split into three modes to suit each player’s style and playstyle.
Top 3 NFT games that will explode in 2022
Polygonum is set in a plague that has attacked humanity and wiped out half of the world’s population. Players turn into the last survivors and find a way to fight the epidemic. There are 3 main areas in Polygonum: Farm Zone, PvE Zone and PvP Zone. And of course you can also reap valuable rewards here.
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