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AD League of Legends is the most important and also the most affected position in the updates. Each League of Legends teams strategy shows the key role of AD, but what is the strongest AD carry card? The following is a list of top 5 strongest shooters compiled by

Lucian – League of Legends marksman champion who never goes out of style

One of the most used and effective ADCs in League of Legends’ top ADCs, Lucian is almost never out of the meta for being so versatile.

He has a range of moves that are both good lane pushing and strong thrusting and has the ability to stack damage quickly along with the E ability – Chasing helps Lucian easily chase and retreat. That’s why this 2-gun black occupies the top and mid lane positions in addition to the well-known bottom lane position.

Lucian’s street

Lucian is extremely good at laning if he has the ability to push lane fast, good blood structure. With passive 2 consecutive shots after using the skill, this shooter almost always has the advantage in any 1v1 match. Also, the skill E – “Chasing” has the ability to sprint quite well. Distance and cooldown will increase by 1s after that Decreases every passive attack, making it very difficult for Lucian to gank into lane. In general, Lucian usually goes from a draw to a win when laning, and it’s very difficult to lose lane if the opposing team’s other positions don’t intervene.

Lucian’s role in teamfights

In teamfights, this AD is really a big threat to the opposing team’s Archers and Mages. The ability to quickly stack damage helps Lucian send enemies (other than tanks) onto the trail for 1 touch. Mobility also helps this guy easily hold a good position in teamfights to consistently deal big damage.

Tristana – the strongest AD champion in League of Legends

Tristana is one of the super heavy carry. Looking at the League of Legends AD list, Tristana is always the most annoying to the enemy team when at level 18 she has an extremely long arm span and the ability to stack damage that even tankers have to fear. Thanks to a gunner’s near-perfect movements, all you have to do is hold a good position, use your skills at the right time, and shoot down everyone in front of you.

  • Passive: Aim – Increases attack range as you level up, giving Tristana the longest range over League of Legends at level 18.
  • Ability Q: Rapid Fire – Increases attack speed so she hits and runs better and deals damage faster.
  • Ability W: Rocket Jump – Gives Tristana the ability to reach and escape from dangerous locations.
  • Ability E: Powder Coat – Deals a large amount of splash damage and restores W to make Tristana more mobile in combat.
  • Ability R: Cannon Repel – Knocks enemies away, dealing great damage and can knock back champions charging into enemy formation.
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Due to their skills, this yordle has an extremely comprehensive defense.
Tristana - Yordle Archer

Tristana’s laning ability

Regarding the laning phase, Tristana has a big advantage. The ability to shift the trail is good thanks to Gunpowder Wrap, which deals great damage and easily clears a wave of minions. In addition, when exchanging skills with the possibility of activating 2 times W, 1 time E and a high rate of fire of Q, it is difficult for any Alliance marksman to survive, since Tristana’s combo deals a lot of damage. Outside.

Tristana’s power in battle

In combat, Tristana is truly a machine of destruction, as she easily knocks down any enemy that stands in front of her. Also, with a good damage stack, having Tristana target the enemy team’s Archer or Mage will be bad for your team. This girl has mobile W and R abilities to repel enemies, as well as the ability to protect supports, and is almost immortal in battle if she falls into the hands of a skilled player.

Jinx – the top favorite among shooters League of Legends

Once known as the strongest AD champion in League of Legends, Jinx was quite popular in the last meta and when he had very few options. However, for those who love “rebellious guns,” this is always a very strong carry card. Because she doesn’t have a full set of defensive abilities like Tristana, she isn’t as powerful and mobile as Lucian, but Jinx has the ability to deal extremely heavy damage in combat.
Jinx - Rebel Cannon
Thanks to the skill Q – “Exchange”, which can be transformed into a grenade launcher to increase the attack range and deal damage on a large scale, if Jinx has enough equipment, the opposing team will also have to face the extremely destructive muzzle. . strong.

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Jinx’s laning ability

Jinx’s laning ability isn’t too strong when the early game is pretty weak and easy to control. Besides fast lane pushing, she doesn’t have much of an advantage in the laning phase, plus unless she goes with well secured supports like Tahm Kench, Thresh, early game Jinx is very easy to catch. . However, if you have an early game advantage, with a long arm from a grenade launcher, your team’s gunner support duo will be under immense pressure.

How is Jinx’s fighting ability?

Although his laning ability is not appreciated, Jinx is really strong in battle when he has 3 or more large items. It is no exaggeration to say that it is difficult for any Alliance marksman to match the damage capability of the “Rebellious Artillery” in the combat phase. Also, with the passive Hung Phan, when Jinx participates in defeating the enemy, Jinx’s rate of fire and movement speed are increased, making her more dangerous than ever.

Vayne – AD in League of Legends has the ability to destroy tank champions

This is the champion that is always the most prominent in the top AD League of Legends because it requires extremely high skills. That’s why Vayne is chosen by many people to show their skills. Famed for its high mobility, constant stealth, and “silver arrows” that can shoot down anyone who gets in its way, even tanks, Shadowhunter is the Alliance’s AD model that anyone can use. must also be afraid to show themselves.
Vayne - Tank Killer

Vaynes Lane

If you don’t put Vayne in top lane against outnumbered players, her laning becomes extremely difficult, otherwise you’ll almost always get crushed in every matchup. Vayne’s attack range is the shortest of any League of Legends marksman, so it’s perfectly normal for other ADCs to poke when eating minions. As a result, early game Vayne players often have to “hug the tower” and try to recruit soldiers in order to have enough gear for the 5v5 battles by the end of the game.

Vayne sheds her skin in battle

Although her laning ability isn’t strong, in battle Vayne will make anyone within her attack range regret it. Dubbed the “Tank Slayer”, with the “Silver Arrow” skill that deals bonus true damage as a percentage of the target’s max health, no matter how “Buffalo” the enemy is, it won’t work. Problem with Vayne. Along with the ability to hide when using the Acrobatics Q ability, having Vayne on your team won’t scare you in any fight.

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Ezreal – National Sniper

As an AD National League of Legends, almost everyone who plays the gunner position must know how to play. Ezreal has been modified many times by RIOT to balance performance and create opportunities for other League of Legends ADCs to compete. But it seems that this is not possible when this type has the ability to adapt too well to all types of squads and every equipment update.Ezreal - National Sniper

Esreal’s street

Ezreal’s laning ability can be summed up in one word: farm. At the beginning of the game, when he had to collect points for the item Tears of the Goddess, Ezreal didn’t have enough attack power to exchange damage like other marksmen. So farming and trying to push minions and then retreat is a must when playing Ezreal. Also, if equipped with a water sword, the player can also combine minions and stab the enemy’s blood.

Ezreal enters the fray

In teamfights, alternating basic attacks and Q does the damage that Ezreal doesn’t do as well as other marksmen. In turn, Ezreal’s ability to draw blood before combat is a huge asset. Towards the end of the game, pre-battle Q-shot damage is extremely annoying and gives your team certain advantages. When entering the battle, the damage the adventurer deals is also very large, every Q hits an enemy, the cooldown is reduced by 1s, causing the player to deal continuous damage to the enemy to compensate for the speed.His battle speed is a bit slow. . In addition, this guy seems to have a movement speed of up to 2 with E – “Ancient Teleport”, so catching Ezreal is extremely difficult and takes a lot of time. As a result, Ezreal always maintains a secure position in battle.
Above are 5 powerful League of Legends AD that can be used in all versions. Of course, good or bad depends on the player’s skills, but with the skills available, these are always effective carry options.

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