Top 5 Best and Latest Fighting Game Releases on PC

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Fighting games have long become one of the most popular game series due to their competitiveness and technique. Therefore, this genre is used again and again by many gamers to compete against each other.

Mortal Kombat 11 – The Most Violent PC Fighting Game

  • Category: fight.
  • Publisher: Midway Games, Avalanche Software.

Speaking of violence and gore in fighting games, Mortal Kombat took second place, with no game daring to take the top spot.

Since the release of the first part in 1992 until today, the violence has always remained the same and has become a characteristic part of this series. Up until the current 11th version, Mortal Kombat still gives players praise and satisfaction from admiring the extremely impressive Fatal Blows or Finish screens. Regarding the graphic element, MK11’s sound is the pinnacle of the pinnacle. Everything is absolutely perfect. Sharp and detailed images. Vivid and realistic sound effects. The best highlight of the Mortal Kombat series, however, is the well-invested storyline. Each version is a different story, but it is a small story throughout, telling the struggle of the warriors to protect the earth realm from the invasion of the outside world or other cruel forces. With the story mode you can enjoy first-class footage with ultra-smooth animations and many exciting details. This can be considered as one of the factors that increases the value of Mortal Kombat game to millions of dongs that you spend.

Street Fighter 5 – Capcom’s immortal fighting game monument

  • Category: fight.
  • Publisher: Capcom, Dips.

The second name that deserves to be on the list of the best fighting games of all time is Street Fighter.
Street Fighter 5 - Capcom's immortal fighting game monument
It can be said that it’s rare that a game has many characters and each character has unique fighting styles like Street Fighter. The clearest proof of the attractiveness of this game is that Capcom has released part 5 as well as the appearance of Street Fighter tournaments with prize pools up to millions of dollars. Without exaggeration, Street Fighter V can be considered one of the top fighting games in the e-sports village. Judging by the graphics, Street Fighter V doesn’t go in the direction of realism like Mortal Kombat, instead this game offers players a unique 3D animation style. Street Fighter V’s brightest point, however, is its optimization, which significantly reduces its size. In addition, the gameplay will be simplified, allowing for easier access for newcomers. But in order to master combos, you still need to spend a lot of time practicing. The balance in the character system is also another advantage of this game, no character is too strong and no character is too wasteful. This is an important point to make Street Fighter V games more attractive and a good basis for developing tournaments that players can use to grow.

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Tekken 7 – Bandai’s legendary fighting game Iron Fist

  • Category: fight.
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Studios.

The appeal of the Tekken series was further confirmed when Tekken 7 was added to the SEAGAME 30 esports roster.
Tekken 7 - The legendary fighting game by Bandai Iron Fist
As a long-running game by Bandi Namco, Tekken is loved by many gamers. In terms of gameplay, most fighting games won’t be much different, Tekken 7 also requires players to master combo attack skills, dodge, and keep your distance from opponents. Of course, if you want to be a good Tekken player, you also have to know a lot of gladiators, not just cards. What makes Tekken keep winning the hearts of the audience is the game graphics, developed according to advanced 3D technology and continuously updated over the years. In addition, the camera constantly changes the angle of rotation during the game to create a sense of excitement and tension for the players. Story-wise, Tekken possesses a fairly massive storyline and can’t be called much inferior to Mortal Kombat. If you want to while away the time while downloading this fighting game, reading the characters’ bios is also an interesting option!

Bloody Roar – A fighting game associated with many people’s childhoods

  • Category: fight.
  • Publisher: Hudsonsoft.

When it comes to the most famous fighting games, it’s impossible not to mention Bloody Roar or Animal Arena. This is a game associated with the childhood of many first generation 8x 9x people. At the time of Bloody Roar version 2 release, it can be said that there are few fighting games on Playstation that have such beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay.
Bloody Roar - A fighting game associated with many people's childhoods
The highlight of Bloody Roar is that the characters have the ability to transform into animals and fight based on that animal’s hunting abilities or characteristics. In animal form, the increased damage level and ability to restore HP give the player a great advantage in the game. In addition, each character in Bloody Roar has a series of combos according to different martial arts schools, making the fighting style more diverse and attractive. Although Hudson released the 4th version of this series, Bloody Roar 2 is still the number 1 version for many players right now.

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Dragon Ball Z – When the best-selling series of all time becomes a 2-player fighting game

  • Category: fight.
  • Publisher: Arc System Works.

The Dragon Ball fighting game series is one of the hottest names out there. Every time this game series releases a new version, the gaming community stimulates discussions. It can be said that Dragon Ball FighterZ has simple gameplay, easy to play and easy to get used to with shortcut keys. Graphics are beyond dispute, most DBF recordings have extremely sharp picture quality and extremely vivid sound.
Dragon Ball Z - When the best-selling series of all time became a 2-player fighting game
But the appeal of this game lies in the impact the Dragon Ball series has on fans around the world. This is considered to be one of the most popular action series in Japan, so as time goes by, its successors will also become extremely hot. Also, it must be said that the feeling of playing the game is quite happy. Players will enjoy fierce battles with strong enough moves just like in the comics. In addition, the exterior and interaction are also very well invested. Where ordinary fighting games throw you in a cramped arena, Dragon Ball makes you feel like you’re enjoying battles on a large map, allowing you to fly, jump, or punch your opponent freely. miles away.
Above are top 5 best and newest fighting games Innnewyorkcity wants to send you. I hope you have enough time to enjoy all these amazing products and relive a part of your childhood when you experience the game!

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