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An escape game or an escape game is a game that traps you in an area (room, house, etc.) and forces you to solve puzzles using the clues provided to escape. Let’s find out the 5 best mobile prison break games with Innnewyorkcity VN today.

The Room – Legend of Escape game for mobile devices

When we talk about prison escape game series, we have to mention legendary super product The Room. Although it’s been released for more than 10 years, until now there hasn’t been a puzzle game that could tear down this immortal monument.
The Room is a paid mobile game, but not in a way that many people ignore. Since 2012, the game has sold over 6.5 million copies and raised millions of dollars for developers. Every version developed after that was well received by many players, despite the increasing purchase price. The first version of The Room costs around $1 and you have to spend money to experience the feeling of being locked in the room. Your task is to open the safe, get the diary inside and find out the secrets recorded in this book. To do this, you need to find answers to many crazy puzzles. It can be said that the appeal of The Room lies in the challenge of the puzzles, they are not too difficult but not easy either. The level of difficulty of the game is extremely logical and attracts more and more players.

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Adventure Escape: Asylum – Experience the game of escape from the asylum

If you love American-style horror movies, you’re certainly no stranger to abandoned mental hospitals and refugee camps. And mobile game Adventure Escape: Asylum gives you the same captive experience as on screen.
Adventure Escape: Asylum - Experience the game of escape from the asylumAdventure Escape: Asylum is the product of developer Haiku Games, one of the big names in the world of escape games. The label alone promises that this is an extremely “dumpty” game. When you enter Alysum, you transform into the role of Anna – a patient locked in a madhouse. You must find a way to help Anna complete the challenges and escape from each room one by one. And during this process, clues about Anna will be revealed so you know who this character’s true identity is.

Dice Escape: Paradox

The 10th installment in the Cube Escape series of escape games, the Paradox version was released in September 2018 and was inspired by a short film of the same name. The highlight of Paradox is that it offers players an authentic experience. You will feel the extreme tension between the stuffy, cold and spooky atmosphere that the game brings.
Dice Escape: Paradox As Dale Vandermeer, an incarcerated man with amnesia, you must figure out how to solve mind-bending puzzles to escape the room and discover your true identity.

Faraway 3: Escape from the Arctic

Being rated 4.5 stars is not easy, especially in mobile games when users can easily give you 1 star right away just for a passing emotion. But Faraway 3: Arctic Escape works on both Android and iOS platforms.
Faraway 3: Escape from the ArcticUnlike many other escape games, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape has a bright color scheme and is set in a snowy land. Although the game chooses a wide open space instead of gloomy dark rooms, that doesn’t lessen the excitement and sense of loneliness in the game. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape takes you on a journey to find the father’s whereabouts using the original clues. You will live an authentic adventure, searching for every lead in the middle of a large area. The game requires you to pay attention to the smallest detail as the mystery will be hidden in the environment. Missing just one small clue is enough to keep you hooked for an hour.

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The House of Da Vinci – The most unique escape game

Leonardo Da Vinci has long been the inspiration for many stories, novels and films. The life of this Italian painter is full of countless mysteries and that’s why Blue Brain Games has developed an escape game called The House of Da Vinci.
The House of Da Vinci - The most unique escape gameThe game takes you back to the Renaissance, playing as one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s talented students. One day you go to the studio to ask your teacher to rate your latest work, but Da Vinci is nowhere to be found. Something very strange is happening here that will make you start looking for your mentor. Rated the same gameplay as The Room but The House of Da Vinci has taken the gameplay to a whole different level with more depth and fun. In addition, the game offers an exciting exploration experience with the theme of the life of the most powerful genius ever born. The animations of Da Vinci’s mechanical details, techniques and research are extremely realistic and clear, as if transported back in time. It can be said that the 4.7 star rating on CH Play is the clearest proof of the goodness of this game.
Above is a list of 5 great escape games that you must try if you are a puzzle series fan. In addition, there are many other great products for you to discover, such as B. Laqueus Escape, Rime, 50 Room, … for you to experience.

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