Top 5 ‘memorable’ Saigon snacks you must try

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If you are a fan of snacks, you cannot ignore these famous Saigon snacks. It would be a pity to come to Saigon without trying the street food here!

The official name is TP, although it is Ho Chi Minh City. But the people here and anyone who mentions this city call it Saigon. One of them must mention the famous Saigon snacking addresses below!

1. Delicious Saigon dessert menu is nutritious and inexpensive

1.1. Cake mix

In the list of Saigon street food, mixed rice paper is considered the most delicious. Come to Saigon to enjoy rice paper such as dried squid, beef jerky, quail eggs, green mango, shrimp salt, peanuts, laksa leaves only 10-20k/piece. Rice paper mixed with fish sauce Rich and fragrant ‘holy’

Try this address:

– Lung Vien mixed rice paper (38 Nguyen Thuong Hien, Ward 5, District 3)
– Co Ganh mixed rice paper (A012 Apartment A2, Phan Xich Long, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District)

1.2.Best and cheapest meat beer in the world Price only from 1.5 thousand/bottle

Beef steak is a dish of Saigon people. But it makes my son living abroad feel nostalgic, Beer Beef is made with very simple ingredients. a few raw vegetables A few tapioca roots, sausages, egg noodles… The thin rice paper rolls are very interesting to eat.

Top 5 mon dan vat saigon gay thuong thu Nhat Dinh must be his picture 2

One bite is a tough layer of rice paper with a slightly sweet and salty dipping sauce. Delicious and crispy vegetables sweet cassava And fragrant sausages with lots of pepper will fill your mouth?

Try this address:

– Beef stew 1k (Lu Gia Residential Area, District 11)
– Dried beef at Tan Dinh market (127 Nguyen Huu Cau, District 1)

1.3. Cup of zucchini meat

Rain or shine This beef noodle soup will always satisfy diners. If you eat beef noodle soup with a piece of bread and dip it with sweet and sour sauce. The greasy taste spreads in the mouth immediately and eats forever without getting bored with the sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Top 5 Monas and Gay Saigon, Tuong Nhat Dinh must have a picture of him 3

Beef vermicelli and bread 25-30k is full!

Try this address:

– Dong Dang District 4
– Vo Thi Sau District 1
– Dharma Cashes, Area 3

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1.4. Dried Beef Salad

Saigon street food, to mention the following dishes: the fleshy taste of deep-fried pork liver, the crunchy taste of raw papaya, the crunchy taste of dried beef, peanuts, raw vegetables and sour fish sauce Spicy has created an unforgettable Saigon snack.

Top 5 gay thuong thu Nhat Dinh men and saigon must take pictures 4

Try this address:

– Garden Beef Salad Le Van Tam
– Hai Ba Trung, District 3
– Nguyen Van Thu District 1

1.5.Fried dough

Top 5 mon a vat saigon gay thuong Nhat Dinh must have a picture of him 5

This Saigon dessert is made with rice flour and tapioca. Unlike potato cake, banana cake of Hanoi. Saigon fried dough is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. When the dough is ready It is fried in an egg to coat the outside. After eating, put on a plate, add fried papaya noodles with a little sweet and sour, sprinkle with pepper, chili sauce, soy sauce and a little more. This is one of the childhood dishes of Saigon people.

Try this address:

– Hai Tuong Lang Ong, District 5
– Hoang Sa District 3
– Nguyen Kim, Ward 10

2. See Saigon’s famous snack street

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Saigon has alleys that are such a snacking paradise that once you step in, you forget the way back. when in Saigon Be sure to visit these famous snack alleys!

  • Ribs 285 Cach Mang Thang 8, District 10: Cakes of all kinds, milk tea, skewers, price from 10-50,000.
  • Alley 245 Nguyen Trai, District 1: This alley is opposite Galaxy Nguyen Trai, there are all kinds of dishes from salty to salty to fill your stomach before watching the movie.
  • Soi 181, Mini Orange Market, District 4: This alley is very lively at night. There are enough snacks from chicken soup, crab soup, crab fried rice, mussel vermicelli, fried rice, vermicelli and rice paper.

Saigon snacks have so many varieties and are so attractive that many people come to eat them when they’re hungry!

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