Top 6 Best Latest Games 2021 for PC and Mobile

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In this article, Innnewyorkcity introduces readers to 6 of the best new games in 2021, with games for PC and even mobile games, don’t miss these super products!

The 3 best games for PC in 2021

Infinite Aura

Halo Infinite is a good game about the first person shooter genre. The game is developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios for Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series platforms. Based on the sixth installment in the Halo series and the 16th installment in the series, Infinite focuses on the leaders and guardians. In this installment, Master Chief returns with an unprecedented grand adventure set in the third chapter of the Reclaimer Saga to save humanity. It is known that this part will contain more human elements than the previous parts. Infinite will be bringing back the split-screen feature in response to a call from fans after the developer removed the feature in previous games. This infinity was originally scheduled to release on November 10, 2020 for Xbox Series X|S, but was pushed back to August 2020, then August 2020, and now 2021 for various reasons.


Outriders is a People Can Fly product and is published by a European subsidiary of Square Enix. Coming April 1, 2021 to Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia.
extrovertsSome critics and gamers consider it a good game in terms of gameplay, customization, and graphics, but there are mixed opinions that the game’s storyline and character lines don’t exist. exaggerate. Players will role-play and enter the world of the game in a 3rd person perspective. To start, you choose a character and skills: control fire, time, vibration, and public device control skills. Each player has a skill tree that helps players earn points and unlock new skills. Using basic skills combined with advanced weapons helps players unleash new attacks and have different levels of effectiveness against enemies, whether human or monsters. The game’s terrain design is also quite eye-catching, as it has missions installed for players to explore. This game is suitable for playing alone or if you prefer play with friends.

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death loop

death loopOne of the most anticipated PC RPGs of 2021 is Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks’ darling Deathloop, set for release on September 14th, 2021. The game for the Playstation 5. and PlayStation 4. Windows too. The storyline of the game or deathloop is highly appreciated. Players take on the role of Colt, an assassin who is unluckily trapped in a time warp on a beach on Blackreef Island. Colt’s mission is to destroy 8 targets before midnight. If he doesn’t kill all 8 targets by midnight or dies before completing the mission, the loop will return to the beginning. Specifically, players can also choose to become Agent Julianna, keep the peace of this area, protect the time loop, and find a way to defeat Colt.

Top 3 Highly Anticipated Mobile Games in 2021

Love Sword 3D – Hot Summer 2021

Top 3 Highly Anticipated Mobile Games in 2021Tinh Kiem is considered a good game with excellent 3D graphics accompanied by a 2.5D viewing angle that creates an attractive feeling for players with the context of trees, rivers, streams and hills. The characters in the game have flexible forms and players can switch weapons at any time. You can choose 1 of 3 character designs from 5 sects with corresponding weapons such as: Sword Saint – Quyen Vuong – Gun God – Tan De – Holding Sword. Besides, there is also a system of holy beasts that players can choose when going into battle, the better the holy beast, the stronger the fighting power. Players can also hunt golden boss, auction items, create gods… as often seen in sword fighting games. The game’s most unique feature lies in the free guild PK battles on picnic maps, boss hunting with thousands of other players, and the hero virtualization feature.

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people into gypsies

people into gypsiesJust hearing the name has the bold Hong Kong action. People in Giang Ho is a good game in the action genre, general map strategy. The game is an adaptation of the copyrighted original by Nguu Lao, which is expected to be released in Vietnam later this year. People in the Gypsy is set in the 1990s – a time when crime and gambling were active in the underworld. The characters that appear in the game are all names that anyone who’s been a Hong Kong movie buff will surely have “just heard” about. Through the collection of characters, players will be able to combine “generals” with moves to create firepower, a standard formation to fight each other. The game is played according to the strategy 6 against 6, the scale is extremely monumental. In the game there will be 12 famous main streets of Hong Kong along with docks, clubs, bars, restaurants… players will fight hard to occupy the areas for themselves.

Wizard King GOSU

Wizard King GOSUSurely this is a good game for Sorcerer King – Sorcerer King fans with classic fighting style. Players transform into the roles of magicians and connect with the soul to fight against the opponent. Each mage will have a diverse soul system with their own special moves. How to bind souls together is up to the mages to form a strong force in defense or offense. In addition, after the battles, players can also experience the feeling of “going home” in other mini-games such as cooking, baking, even… In short, you will see a Sorcerer King – King of Magic in a whole new way in this game.
Above are some good games for pc and mobile for those who love discovering new and unique games in terms of storyline, gameplay and graphics and sound quality.

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