Top 6 Most Beautiful Chinese Adult Film Actors

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Despite many government bans, the third-tier film market in China is still growing rapidly. Let’s take a look at the list of the most popular Chinese adult film actors with Innnewyorkcity VN.

The Hottest Chinese Actors for Adult Movies

1. Sha Meichen – The film Angel does not cover China

Sha Meichen is known in China as an adult film angel. She owns a hot 3rd round, sexy bodyless pics that have won the hearts of millions of Vietnamese viewers.

2. Shen Nana – Chinese high school actress

Shen Nana
Shen Nana remains one of the most in-demand Chinese adult film actors to this day. Shen Nana possesses a fiery body and an utterly innocent and pure aura that has helped her conquer even the most discerning audience.

3. Chinese Adult Film Actor – Shen Xinyu

Shen Xinyu is a Chinese porn actress born in 1998, she is considered one of the most beautiful AV actresses in the billionaire country.
Shen Xinyu
Shen Xinyu not only has the ability to behave like a real person, but also has a pretty face, a very normal body, and a very sweet voice.

4. Tim Xiao Xiao – Chinese high school actor with a pretty face

Tim Xiaoxiao
Adult film actress Tim Xiaoxiao has an extremely attractive appearance, a pretty face and excellent bed skills, and she quickly won the hearts of fans.

5. Chen Xiao Yun – Outstanding Chinese Porn Actor

Tran Hieu Van
Chen Xiaoyun is one of the most prominent names in the Chinese adult film industry, she is also a prominent face helping to bring Chinese adult films to international friends.

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6. Xun Xiao Xiao – Nice Chinese film actor

Adult film beauty Xiao Xiao was born in 2000 with loli beauty and extremely fiery body. She has won audiences’ love through each of her passionate films.
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