Top 6 Passionate Movies That Women Fall In Love With

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Romance Movies 18+ are the kind of movies that nuns are always looking for. Let’s see which series deserves to be in the top romance movies worth watching!

1. The King and the Clown – Korean classic film for ages 18 and up

  • Movie Name: The King and the Clown
  • Country: Korea
  • Year of construction: 2005
  • Actors: Kam Woo-sung, Lee Joon-gi, Jung Jin-young
  • Genre: Romance, Romance

The King and the Clown – Korean 18+ Classic Love Drama The King and the Clown is one of the typical series when it comes to the Korean 18+ romance genre. The film tells about the love triangle between King Yonsan, the clown Gong Gil with a slender body like a woman, and the clown Jang Saeng. Due to the king’s growing affection for Gong Gil, this angered his concubine Nok Su and made her keep finding ways to harm Gong Gil. At the same time, the lives of the two clowns, Gong Gil and Jang Saeng, are very precarious given the king’s brutality and the power struggle in the forbidden palace. To see how this story ends, let’s watch this movie to find out more!

2. Force Majeure – Over 18 Chinese Romance Movies

  • Movie Name: Uncontrollable Love
  • Country: China
  • Year of construction: 2016
  • Actors: Vuong Nhat Bac, Manh Thuy, Chau Tuan Sieu
  • Genre: Romance, Romance

Uncontrolled love - uncontrolled loveIf you’re looking for a passionate 18+ movie that still has a romantic element, Force Majeure is a great choice. This is a story about the one-sided love story of young man Thu Niem and young master Ta Viem. Thu Niem was originally the adopted son of Ta Viem’s ​​family at a young age, so he loved the young master very much. But on the contrary, Ta Viem only saw him as a servant to play with. After many things happened, Ta Viem realizes his feelings for Thu Nien are real, but will Thu Nien still give him a chance? Is Thu Niem’s ​​love still the same after so many injuries? To see how this passionate 18+ film will unfold, please follow the film.

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3. The Way (Method) – A passionate film 18+

  • Movie Name: Method
  • Country: Korea
  • Year of construction: 2017
  • Actors: Oh Seung-hoon, Park Sung-woong, Yoon Seung-ah
  • Genre: Romance, Romance, Psychological

Method - A passionate film 18+Method – Bold 18+ Passion Movie When it comes to 18+ passion movies, it’s impossible not to mention Method. The film tells the love story of two main characters, Walter played by Jae Ha and Singer played by Young Woo. Initially with opposite personalities, the two didn’t get along until many events happened, they finally found a common voice and started to develop feelings for each other. The film has many highlights including character creation with a large age gap. However, in return for the content and description of the character’s psychological development, she cannot be criticized. Especially the hot scenes in the movie are very realistic and provocative, so what are you waiting for without looking and watching right away.

4. Chasing Voiceover – Thai Romance 18+

  • Movie name: Theory of Love
  • Country: Thailand
  • Year of construction: 2019
  • Actors: Off Jumpol, Gun Atthaphan, Mike Chinnarat
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Romance

Chasing Him Theory - 18+ Thai Movies You Shouldn't Miss!Chasing Him Theory – 18+ Thai Romance Movies You Shouldn’t Miss! In the list of 18+ Passion films worth seeing, The Pursuit Theory of the Land of the Golden Temple has to be mentioned. This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, which tells the unrequited love story of a guy Terd for his flower girl Kai. Because of Kai’s many followers, Terd didn’t dare confess anything to him. When he confessed, Kai misunderstood what he meant. This 18+ romantic drama not only has a beautiful cast of beautiful boys and girls, but also has countless hot “touching” scenes between the main male couple, making people feel hot.

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5. No Regret – 18+ movie sad romantic love story

  • Movie Name: No Regret (No Regret)
  • Country: Korea
  • Year of construction: 2006
  • Actors: Lee Yeong-hoon, Kim Nam-gil
  • Genre: Romance, Romance

No Regrets - A Sad Love Story“No Regrets” is the story of an orphan boy named Sumin who works in a ministry that specializes in serving gay people. By chance he meets the sad and careless young director Garam. Thus, the two became involved in the whirlwind of love with many hot scenes that made viewers blush, but also extremely romantic and slow. This 18+ passionate film not only features nude/vulgar scenes but also reveals the psychological development of the character. This conveys the message of love to viewers regardless of gender.

6. Brokeback Mountain (Love Story Behind the Mountain) – Not just 18+ passionate sex movies!

  • Movie Name: Brokeback Mountain (Love Story Behind the Mountain)
  • Country: Europe and America
  • Year of construction: 2005
  • Actors: Heath Ledger Jake Gyllenhaal Randy Quaid
  • Genre: Romance, Romance

Love story behind the mountain - doesn't just stop at the passion for sex films 18+Love Story Behind the Mountain – Not Just for 18+ Passionate Sex Movies If you are a loyal fan of 18+ passion movies, 18+ boylove movies, you can’t help but know the classic movie Love Story Behind the Mountain. This is a film about the complicated love story of two western cowboys, Ennis and Jack. On one occasion they met, drank wine and discussed their forthcoming plans. When drunk comes, they lie next to each other and then whatever happens happens. Although the film has a bold 18+ scene, it is not vulgar but still exudes art in it. In particular, this is one of the few same-sex themed films to have won many big awards.
Above are Top 6 Best 18+ Passionate Movies that would like to introduce to you. Please visit our website to see more great movies!

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