Top 7 best ghost, horror and horror movies 2022

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If you’re a fan of good ghost movies, don’t ignore the names mentioned in this list.

1. The Wasteland (The Beast)

This is a good ghost movie title that offers viewers the most suspenseful moments of Spanish cinema. The film tells about the isolated lives of two mothers and children, but their peaceful life doesn’t last long when suddenly something dangerous lurks in their lives.

2. Doctor Sleep – Horror Memories

Good ghost movie 3 sleeping doctors
Doctor Sleep gives viewers a good horror movie in every frame. The film is still set in the Haunted Hotel Overlook, but it’s spookier and more terrifying. After the main character Danny decides to rebuild her life, she accidentally meets the little girl Arba – also a clairvoyant child like Danny. In order to help her, Danny has to go back to the old hotel and this is where the terrible memories resurface.

3. Scream – Scream

Horror movie 4 screams
The film gives viewers the feeling of suffocation in every frame and revolves around the masked killer Ghostface chasing a group of young people. Currently the film has released 5 parts of which part 5 of the film has just been released in January 2022.

4. Turning point

5 turns
One of the critically acclaimed ghost films, The Turning offers viewers sensational, heartbreaking episodes about a nanny and the two children she has cared for since childhood. Since coming into the house and taking care of these two children, she has encountered many terrifying haunting phenomena.

5. A Quiet Place: Part II – A Quiet Place 2

good ghost movie 6 quite place
The story of Season 2 The Silent Land will continue the journey away from the land where the murderous monsters emit sounds. Now the way out seems even more stuck when almost these monsters have ruled the earth.

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6. Antlers – Antlers

Good ghost movie 7 Gac Ma
In this film, a teacher realizes that one of her students is suffering from mental instability caused by her father and brother being sucked away by a force. So she cared for this student, she just didn’t realize how terrifying that power was.

7. The Candyman – Murder in the mirror

Good Ghost Movie 8 Candyman
A good and haunting ghost film with the story of a brutal murderous ghost, he was once a black slave just because he fell in love with a girl who was forced by the villagers to smear honey all over his body and then deliver wasps. . burned to death. Resentment made this ghost obsessive for the whole village. Remember to visit Innnewyorkcity VN for more news and lists on many good ghost movies in the world.

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