Top 8 Movies Through Space Best Lesbian Movies 2022

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The following short titles will bring a lot of emotions to viewers, especially movies with hot scenes.

1. Elisha and Mercela

The film is set in the West before World War I, an era when men were still the dominant class. The two heroines meet at an all-girls school and have deep feelings for each other. This is a complex film directed by director Isabel Coixet.

2. Because of this woman

Film content This woman
This Japanese drama is about a lesbian girl who has deep feelings for her best friend. However, she has to suppress her feelings in order to bless her friend when she gets married. Then the marriage collapsed, the heroine decided to help her lover escape from life like hell.

3. Summer of my love

A complicated love story full of dangerous feelings of two girls who meet by chance, get to know each other and start enjoying beautiful summer days. You could say that this is a story about obsession and deceit and the emotions of first love.


Carol lie movie
A pure girl, Carol accidentally gets caught up in a crazy love affair with a woman she doesn’t know. This woman is beautiful, seductive and strong, she has a charm that makes young girls not avert their eyes.

5. Amonites

A touching love story of two traumatized women who meet, talk, become friends and become each other’s spiritual support.
5 ammonite polygon slides
Kate Winslet (the female lead) once said that her torrid scene with Saoirse Ronan in this film was one of the proudest things in her acting career.

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6. Smart book

American teen humor, school light and trouble, loud parties until the girls settle down and listen to their hearts. The film is a coherent and skilful combination of current “popular” topics such as feminism, same-sex love, school violence, exam questions, love, friendship…

7. Binding

The film revolves around the heroine Violet as she tries to run away from her mafia boyfriend when she meets Corky – a gay girl who has just been released from prison and has moved close to Violet’s apartment. A vintage Hollywood mix of action and suspense that takes you back to the 90’s with the heroine being a playful tomboy and a glamorous woman.

8. My Day of Mercy

The sweet beauty of the two leading actresses and their pure but equally intense love have made My Day Of Mercy the most popular film of all time. A sweet story between two girls from two different worlds, like two parallel lines that seem impossible to meet but are connected at first sight.
Movie My 6 Days of Mercy
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