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Here are the top 9 AAA games with lots of hot scenes worth trying that Innnewyorkcity has compiled. Players remember to mentally prepare before officially jumping into the game!

Dead Or Alive Series – Game with hot violent scenes

If you are a fan of Dead Or Alive series, you will surely never be disappointed with this AAA game with many hot scenes. Originally, the female characters appearing in the story always have a hot shape. The battle outfit is both sexy and tight to reveal the standard body curve without adjustment, so the girls also have super powerful attacks that make both players and spectators “sweat”.
Dead Or Alive series - game with violent scenes
Currently, in many newly updated versions, the graphic effects have been raised to such an extent that even the sweaty battle scenes, the clothes smeared with skin are reproduced extremely realistically and conjure up purple faces for many players.

house party

house partyHouse Party is one of the most popular adult games on Steam and promises to be one of the hottest AAA games this year. The main character of the game is a young man who accidentally finds joy in parties and from time to time gets sucked into the joyful atmosphere of endless parties. Also at parties like this he meets different attractive, hot, sexy girls. The player’s task is to impersonate the main character, perform system tasks to increase liking, earn points to get rewards. In the version censored by Steam, players may also encounter front-body nude female characters.

Far Cry series – series with the hottest scenes

scream awayThe AAA game with many hot scenes not only attracts players with its unique storyline and gameplay, but also gives you a sense of achievement as you conquer and experience hot scenes created by your own hands. Many gamers think that if you only have to spend around $60 to enjoy the hot scenes in Far Cry, then… you need to review your gameplay, whether it’s appropriate or not.
Series Far Cry - The hottest game series with many scenes
Plowing the plot and earning points to watch hot scenes in the game is one of the greatest joys and goals of many gamers when watching this adult game. Is one of the FPS game franchises released by Ubisoft. Currently Far Cry has 8 parts, 6 parts from Far Cry – Far Cry 6 and 2 parts New Dawn with Primal, of which parts 3 and 4 are considered the 2 parts with the hottest scenes. Many people even joke that the hit game GTA is nothing compared to the number of hot scenes with Far Cry.

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God of War series

God of War The God of War series is famous for its unique action-adventure game with mesmerizing journeys full of thorns and full of humanistic elements. But few know that this game is also one of the AAA games with many hot adult only scenes. Players take part in the journey of Kratos, the god of war, travel with him to different countries and face extremely stressful and dangerous missions.
God of War series
The game is quite “gloomy” with violent, bloody gameplay and especially when fighting other gods you will see the power of Kratos when 4, 5 goddesses are in bed at the same time.

VR Kanojo – AAA game with many hot scenes of virtual reality genre

Virtual Reality Kanojo There have been many players who have experienced it and think that VR Kanojo is one of the most suitable titles for FA youth. For this game you need to equip a VR headset and everything you experience in the game from images, sounds… will help you dispel the feeling of loneliness and disconnection from an overwhelming world. filled with the pink color of love. The game’s plot and gameplay are relatively simple, you will meet your ideal girlfriend in the game, and both of them will have rare and hard-to-find experiences.

Yakuza Series – Game with hot scenes from JAV Idols

How well do you understand Japanese culture? If you understand deeply enough, it is definitely impossible not to know “Yakuza”. By harnessing this outstanding and mysterious Japanese culture, game developer Sega has created immersive and unforgettable experiences for players.
yakuzaA gangster-themed RPG, players are transformed into a senior character, senior, with a violent, chaotic lifestyle and of course, must-have love scenes. hot, full of passion.
Yakuza Series - Game with hot Japanese idol scenes
This hot scene AAA game is highly appreciated for its sharp, realistic graphics quality and vivid sound, and especially when you play with a higher console, it “encourages” the beauty of the female characters. When you come to Yakuza you will experience a very good fighting game with a number of extremely attractive but equally fun details. And of course, this is also a game with tons of hot scenes. Specifically, these idols are all real life high school movie actors. That is why everyone is looking forward to playing this game.

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Series The Witcher – Demon Slayer

The name The Witcher will probably be familiar to gamers who love AAA games with lots of hot scenes, and it shouldn’t be missing from this list either… in case new projects don’t know what a super product is.
witch seriesThe Witcher is a series of games about the demon warrior Geralt on his journey to find his missing adopted daughter. His journey will have to fight countless powerful monsters and a series of evil schemes. The best known is the battle for the annexation of a territory by the Northern Army.
witch series
As if that weren’t enough, this Witcher guy’s influence also lies in the fact that he’s always flanked by extremely sexy Yennefer and Triss Merigold. Another special feature is that The Witcher lets gamers enjoy their eyes to the fullest when the girls’ breasts, buttocks and skin are always filmed up close. In this game, players must complete difficult tasks as they hunt monsters and find ways to destroy them. It sounds very difficult, but the reward that drives players crazy are the delicious meat-gluing scenes.

GTA Series – The game with the most vulgar hot scene

Perhaps we don’t need to say much about Grand Theft Auto if it really has become popular culture in the gaming industry. With a story about famous gangsters and mafia organizations, GTA takes you into a violent real world. Players have to make the payment of gangs, looting full of dangers. Since the game is very violent, Rockstar decided to offer players many hot scenes and relationships in the game.

  • Do you want to see attractive girls? Just go to the sea and see it.
  • Do you want to see naked dancers? The game offers you Sexy Bar to hire and admire girls for free as long as you have enough money.
  • Do you want to have a relationship with a character in the game? It doesn’t matter because call girls are always on the street and you can have sex in the car.
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GTA series - The game with the most vulgar hot scene
Not only that, until part 5 the game also allows you to have sex with another character’s wife in the game. If you’re asking “Is there a place in the game that doesn’t have a hot scene?” then that’s really just “thrift”.

Bayonetta – The game has a hot scene every time the main character transforms

Sega’s Bayonetta is quite a popular game, but quite a few people play it in our country because of the different game style. The game currently has 3 versions: Bayonetta (2009), Bayonetta 2 (2014), Bayonetta 3 (TBA).
Bayonetta game
The game takes place in the fictional European town of Vigrid, you will be transformed into Bayonetta, a sorceress who has the ability to transform and use many different weapons, as well as being able to use magical arts. Your mission is to find the lost memories of this beautiful witch and fight the armed forces’ evil plans for her. After watching the game’s plot, everyone will say “dak wa”, but 99% of gamers (especially male ones) only pay attention to one thing and that is Bayonetta’s hot body. Featuring a fiery body with tight bodysuits from head to toe and extremely attractive close-ups, the game always offers players an extremely eye-catching experience.
Bayonetta - game with hot scenes of the main character
And if we talk about the game with the hottest scenes, it is certainly difficult for any game to surpass Bayonetta. Because the special thing here is that our main character has a nudity skill that makes her completely naked, yes completely naked. So every time he transforms, he can see her body with all his eyes. I don’t know if this will make her stronger or not, but it will definitely slow down the player.
Above are top 9 AAA games with many hot scenes invested quite carefully from plot phase to other factors like sound and graphics. So awesome so what are you waiting for if you haven’t tried it yet hurry up!

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