Top dating games labeled 18+ because they are too sensitive

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Currently, the 18+ dating game series is attracting a lot of attention due to the sharpness of the participants and the intimate skinship scenes between players. Let’s take a look at the famous game shows with Innnewyorkcity VN!

18+ dating game show series with bold sexy scenes

Too Hot To Handle – 18+ dating game show with lots of “touching” scenes

Top 1 in ranking of 18+ highest viewed dating game shows is too hot to handle. This is an 8 episode British dating reality TV show on the Netflix platform.

What makes Too Hot Too Handle special is that it has a group of beautiful boys and girls with hot bodies that make people “drool”. Program members were forced to say no to love gestures ranging from kissing to poaching to masturbation within 1 month! In case of violation of the rules, the bonus amount will be gradually deducted from members up to USD 100,000, which is more than VND 2.3 billion.
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But you know how to prevent intimate skinship when the members on the island are overly sexy and hot! So there were some people who broke the law by intentionally hugging and “mouthing” each other from the first night, making other members uncomfortable.

Single’s Inferno – 18+ dating game show with beautiful boys and girls

There are a number of reality shows in South Korea, including a dating game show. Recently, Single’s Inferno – Single Hell is one of the hot hit names that make people curious to find out.
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Single Hell is also about the beautiful boys and girls showing off their fiery bodies like Too hot to handle but in a softer version. Here they have to live “self-sufficiently”, no telephone, no social networks, no disclosure of the age and occupation of the other. Therefore, the members must conquer each other with their sincere affection and attractiveness.

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Eden, Descendant of Instinct ( Garden of Eden ) – Displays 18+ in disguise

Eden, also from Korea, is an 18+ dating show that has upset netizens in the land of kimchi for the constant appearance of lewd images between gamers.
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Accordingly, the program crew has continuously uploaded a video clip titled “Eden’s Sexy Wife” introducing female contestant Kim Joo Yeon. The clip shows Kim Joo Yeon wearing just a daring two-piece bikini, while her playmate and Yang Ho Seok also wear just bottoms that fully reveal their tops. The two constantly have intimate, erotic gestures and even touch each other’s buttocks.
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More specifically than the two dating game shows above, Eden also requires contestants of the opposite sex to share a bed and perform unimaginable actions. Despite the heated controversy from netizens, part 2 of the show will continue to air in the near future. Accordingly, many erotic words appeared in the trailer such as “What are you good at?”, “You are good at kissing” or “Sleep with me today!”. In addition, the program’s camera continuously pans to the sensitive parts of the player.
Above are the hottest 18+ dating game shows most in demand today. Do you know any other good dating shows, please share them with!

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