Tourists bringing fresh fruit to Thailand can be detained

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Under the latest regulations from Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture, Thai tourists and residents who bring unlicensed fresh fruit into the country without a permit could face a variety of legal action.

Agriculture Minister Rapeephat Chantarasriwong said some Thais traveling abroad, particularly to Japan and South Korea, often buy fresh fruits such as grapes and persimmons and bring them home without a certificate. Plant pests, import permits or non-declaration violate the Plant Quarantine Act.He said the plant quarantine stations at Suvarnabhumi Airport had confiscated many fresh fruits brought into Thailand by tourists, many of whom said were bought on the advice of their guides. Bringing fresh fruit and vegetables into Thailand without a certificate is illegal and subject to legal penalties. Director-General Chantarasriwong said the penalty for illegally importing fruit of unknown origin into Thailand is a fine of 20,000 baht (nearly VND 14 million) or 1 year in prison. Currently, many tourists’ fruit has been confiscated and destroyed at the airport, but no one has been fined. In the future, Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture will require airports to share this information with travelers. To avoid trouble, visitors should not bring fresh fruit when entering the Land of the Golden Pagodas.

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