Travel for the elderly: An invigorating journey

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If travel is a way for young people to unleash their passion Discover and conquer new journeys. for the elderly The journey is a train ride that takes them back to their youth and discovers new memories.

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back to swing The young people of the senior generation are still in the period of the country’s economic recession. The journey was bumpy.

The retirement age in Vietnam is over 55 years old for women and over 60 years old for men. After struggling young years, now is the time for seniors to start having more free time for themselves.

Retirement trip – take the “youth train”

Gradually, the need for a fulfilling life Change the way the elderly think Instead of thinking about playing with our grandchildren and grandchildren when we grow old at home. We are doing other activities. Fun and healthy ways to enjoy old age like exercise, dancing, and using social media. including travel According to statistics from many travel agencies More than 35% of customers are over 50 years old and most are regular customers taking more than 2-3 tours A book when I was young or a place I visited in past that I never had a chance to touch.

A must-see place for teenagers in the past

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Most of the elderly are concerned about their health, such as not being able to go out or being reluctant to slow down the whole movement. But if you choose the right destination and book the right time. Your worries about old age will be gone. There are many interesting journeys for young people who have just stepped on the Seishun train.

Here are some tourist-friendly spots with beautiful scenery and fresh air. old people’s tourism.

Phu Quoc pearl island

Sea tourism combined with resort is often the first choice of resort travelers. Dubbed the ‘pearl island’, Phu Quoc has never left the list of the most interesting destinations in Vietnam with fine white sand, enjoying fragrant coconuts and ‘forgetting life’ behind.

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with old people Phu Quoc TourismOur luxury beachfront villas are the perfect place to gather nature. This place was built on the coast to watch the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam and offers the elderly the exciting experiences of travel and luxury private resorts, festivals, barbecues on the beach, singing. and dancing, etc.

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Da Lat – Mong Mo Plateau

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It is no coincidence that Da Lat was chosen as one of the most ideal vacation destinations in Vietnam. Many people liken Da Lat to a romantic, dreamy, flying 20-year-old girl… In fact, once you arrive in Da Lat, you will fall in love with this small town right away. A flower that is always sweet and fragrant With pleasant weather all year round and the fresh, fresh air always smelling of flowers and herbs of Da Lat, visitors can visit easily and safely. Sometimes inhaling a gentle scent Sometimes you can feel the charm of the colorful flowers that grow here. Go to Pine Hill to watch the sunset and kiss. Or take a walk around the school district, the quiet village outside the city, another world… everyone wants to get lost forever…

Paradise Resort Nha Trang

Nha Trang is known as one of the most beautiful beaches. including some of the most luxurious resorts Nha Trang is always a vacation destination chosen by many tourists. If you are looking for a place to relax, rest and have fun, Nha Trang is definitely your best choice. Nha Trang is surrounded by many islands. The weather is cool and there are waves.

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A great offer for seniors traveling to Nha Trang to relax and pamper their body and mind are two spa systems of Vinpearl Nha Trang in two different styles: Vin Charm and Akoya Spa Private in when Akoya brings a whole new experience.

Especially, elderly tourists visiting Nha Trang should not miss the Kaleidoscope Hill, an interesting natural park with colorful flowers from all over the world. Located on the highest hill of Vinpearl Nha Trang, Kaleidoscope Hill has a network of 5 greenhouses and 3 outdoor gardens, each offering a completely different natural world. From traditional Vietnamese gardens to outdoor gardens. Relax or greenhouse with thousands of beautiful roses. Unique African Orchid Garden The Van Hoa Glass Hill excursion at Vinpearl Nha Trang allows seniors to enjoy the natural scenery of countries around the world without having to travel far.

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The land of “yellow flowers on green grass” Tui Hao

In the midst of a tranquil and ravishing paradise scene, Tuy Hoa became a phenomenon after being chosen as the main backdrop for the blockbuster movie ‘I see yellow flowers on green grass’. Hoa forever is the owner of the unique natural masterpiece Ghenh Da Dia. The reason why many tourists love Tuy Hoa and come here is the beautiful “trees”. But it can be said that she has the power to move many hearts. love the movement love beauty and cherish the quiet moments in her busy life.

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What an enjoyable afternoon to be with your children and grandchildren and to spend loving time with your traveling family. old people’s tourism It’s the best way to capture memories with your older best friends or your children and grandchildren.

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