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Changing travel and consumption habits of customers is opening up new directions for potential tourism businesses.

The travel industry membership card has been around for a long time in the world but is not very popular because the nature of this field is different from TV shows, magazines, movies, etc. Very successful membership card ().

Travel companies are facing a big challenge. as tourists reduce their annual travel time, however, changing travel and consumption habits are opening new directions for potential tourism businesses with an ever-growing ecosystem and network. .

Traditional travel agencies have been very successful in bringing visitors from home to hotels, scenic spots, commercial centers, shopping, etc. However, customer needs are everywhere. Travel is no longer just packing and shopping. They need to rest, eat, play…

different needs

For a long time, vacation travel was more than just a trip. Especially in 2020, the world has been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The tourism industry has been hit the hardest. Vietnam is happier when the epidemic is under control and the country’s tourism industry continues to stand strong in domestic destinations.

According to WealthX’s Wealth Report, the number of ultra-high net worth individuals in Asia as of the end of August 2020 has fallen to almost negligible levels. (Compared to 2019), although the negative impact of the pandemic has decreased by 1%. Extremely high net worth individuals are defined by WealthX as those with assets of $30 million or more. up. million or more. and the number of population/family is increasing every year

Richer households use more tourism and entertainment services. Demand is not just for travel and entertainment. but also high-class dining services at luxury restaurants, spas, golf courses, gyms, etc. These activities are gradually becoming part of our lives. It makes our lives better and the benefits of our family increase. for good health and quality of life

for business class Reception at a fine-dining restaurant is also a normal and mandatory activity.

with many exciting experience games The amusement park especially attracts families with young children and close friends.

smart attraction

There are very few travel and entertainment companies in Vietnam that provide a full range of services to meet the daily needs of this class of customers. Customers still buy tours. Special promotions for restaurants, amusement parks, spas, etc. take a lot of time, effort and are really ineffective.

Travel membership card – the best solution

Luxury travel and entertainment services are quite expensive. Especially when compared to comparable services in the budget segment. Almost all customers want to get discounts and incentives when using quality services. They also deserve priority service for their money on a regular basis.

The demand for discounts and offers is real. Travel Daily News cites a 2017 study that found that up to 54% of loyalty program customers are inactive. VIP customers don’t have much time to ‘find deal’, ‘find coupon’, I need a stable, quiet and classy program.

smart attraction

With an annual fee and preferential prices, the Tourism membership card is a popular service in the diverse tourism and entertainment ecosystem. And it’s the perfect solution for VIP customers who regularly use premium services.

Effective promotion of travel membership card program A travel agent must have a complete service ecosystem. From accommodation, restaurants, fun, entertainment, beauty and more.

Vinpearl is the leading tourism and entertainment company in Vietnam with a chain of 5-star hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes. Quickly approaching the needs of VIP customers with travel and entertainment services, Vinpearl’s Pearl Club membership card with an annual fee of 5 million VND allows cardholders to enjoy free meals when dining out from 2 or more people. at the restaurant system of the hotel/resort and at the Vinpearl Convention Center.

Giving away 2 free nights and optional services at Vinpearl and staying at a 5-star hotel in the center of Vinpearl is equivalent to a membership card of VND 5 million or more, a 1-year Pearl Club membership card.

Pearl Club Travel membership card is the perfect solution to meet the needs of VIP customers who often use high-class services and high requirements for service quality.

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