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Travel membership card is a smart choice for customers who often spend money on travel, dining, dining and entertainment services.

In early 2020, New York-based travel media company Skift released a statement about the program. travel membership card become a megatrend every year

COVID-19 has changed everything and affected the travel industry, however, loyalty card programs are changing and adapting. And it is still a trend that travel agents and VIP customers cannot ignore.

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Membership Card – First Version

Membership (Subscription) was first known as a program to buy magazines. buy cable TV And watch movies In this program, customers pay monthly/quarterly/yearly. With prepayments from customers, businesses use cash flow to organize and improve their services Attract more customers in the long term

The New York Times, one of the leading newspapers in terms of readership, says digital revenue continues to outpace sales as online subscriptions hit 7 million in its first 11 years. Months of the year, I’m Here Netflix, the leading online movie watching website, also announced revenue in the first 9 months of 2020 reaching $ 18.4 billion, up 25% over the same period.

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Loyalty programs don’t just create a steady and predictable source of income for your business. It also strengthens the relationship between your customers and your business. User Data helps the Company to improve its services to meet the growing needs of our regular customers.

Membership programs expanded rapidly beyond magazines, cable TV, and movies.

VIP customer’s choice

The trend of urbanization is increasing all over the world. With the increasing demand for travel and travel Whether traveling to eat in restaurants or have fun in entertainment Popular among families Especially with families in Ho Chi Minh City. instead of paying a lump sum for future services, the travel loyalty card collects a fee from customers, promising a discount on the service they use in the future.

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In Vietnam, where the tourism industry has not been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the General Statistics Office, the industry’s revenue in 2019 is estimated at 46 trillion VND, up 12.1% compared to 2018. This increase far exceeds the nearly 7% increase in GDP in 2019. Last year, revenue tourism industry increased by more than 13%.

Vietnamese consumers are familiar with loyalty programs where they can earn points or buy coupons at hotels, restaurants or service stores. However, loyalty card programs are not very popular.

when buying with membership card Especially travel membership card. Customers do not have to be people who have used the company’s services. but rather a user of the service and can be purchased for the same price as a special price Nothing for frequent customers Travel membership cards are a smart choice for customers who regularly spend money on services tourism, catering, dining and entertainment services.

This is different from buying a discount voucher for each service use. Membership cards provide customers with discounts and promotions for a certain period of time. (usually one year) if you use the service regularly Your savings will exceed the price of the membership card offered by the company.

Vinpearl owns the largest system of restaurants, hotels and resorts in Vietnam. Launching the Pearl Club membership card program, with a fee of 5 million VND/year, at The Pearl Club, customers get a 50% discount for a meal for 2 at Vinpearl restaurants nationwide. Discount equivalent to those with free cardholders Cardholders are given 2 free nights per year at Vinpearl luxury 5-star hotels and resorts, including breakfast, entrance tickets to VinWonders, Vinpearl Safari, Park water… and strong discounts for other services and add-ons.
Just 2 nights of free resort and optional services at Vinpearl and a stay at a 5-star hotel system in the city center of Vinpearl will be equivalent to the value of a Pearl Club membership card from 5 million VND or more.

Tour guide is a VIP customer.

Connecting Customers – Businesses

This is different from a loyalty program that only offers deals to regular customers. Loyalty cards benefit your business’ future customers. These customers are usually experienced, trustworthy and intend to use the service for the long term. often in the future

travel membership card Help customers and businesses quickly understand each other’s needs, products and services. with full information about customers Services provided by businesses and special offers

Covid-19 has changed the global travel landscape. As a result, loyalty card programs are forced to adapt to new situations with unprecedented challenges.

At a time when most borders are closed to tourists. The domestic tourism industry depends only on the number of domestic visitors, other trends such as staying, working remotely… It is helping to change the direction of the membership card program. The hotel chain allows operators to experience the workspace within their hotel system. instead of working in a regular office

CitizenM, a hotel chain based in the Netherlands. It has launched a £500 a month membership scheme. This allows the company to stay three nights a month and use the hotel chain’s meeting rooms. Hotel concept with CitizenM is more than just a place to rest. It is also a place to work and socialize.

BeRightBack – The London travel startup also offers a loyalty card program for around £50 a month. Including flights and accommodation, the CEO of BeRightBack told Skift that up to 80% of travelers are still buying company memberships during the pandemic.

Points card model in the tourism industry often fails because travel is not a daily activity of customers, however, if the membership card not only provides travel services but also provides food and beverage services, entertainment on a sufficient ecosystem, the benefits will be enough to attract customers. , this is the decision condition.

travel membership card It proves its true power in connecting more customers and businesses while delivering optimal benefits to key beneficiaries.

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