Travel to handicraft villages across the country and discover the quintessential beauty of the country.

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Journey to the traditional craft village You will discover unique beauties to better understand the meaning and quintessence of the country’s culture. And all are reproduced at VinWonders Nam Hoi An, which preserves the cultural values ​​of traditional craft villages across the country.

Careers Village Travel At the S-shaped area named after Vietnamese tradition, you will admire countless unique and complex products with distinct beauty. In the face of the change of time, the modern urban rhythm gradually creeps into the countryside. But today, the craft village is having a big transformation and becoming one of the tourist attractions.

1. Tour of La Xuyen Woodworking Village, Traditional Craft Village – Nam Dinh

Many people believe that carpentry in our country has been deeply ingrained in the lives and minds of many generations of Vietnamese people. This saying is partially true when described as carpenters who use wood chips, sawdust and sawdust to “find a pencil”, “sharpen the saw in the early morning, sharpen chisel at noon”. tools and accessories are crafted by skilled hands, beautiful, intricate and most of all, it embodies the spirit and character of the country.

1.1.History of La Xuyen carpentry village – Nam Dinh

According to some research documents, it was from the Dinh Dynasty, the 10th century, that carpenters in our country began to “take advantage” according to history books. The ancestor of this profession is Ninh Hu Hung (936-1020), a native of Chuong Yen, Chi Phi village, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province. He is also known for his work in woodcarving, mother-of-pearl inlay, mother-of-pearl inlay for woodwork.

For hundreds of years, carpentry has become a popular profession in many parts of the country, in which La Xuyen carpentry village (Nam Dinh) is famous for a multitude of unique items. The craftsmen here “breathe soul” into the wood Create beautiful and functional products such as mahogany, wooden tea frames. phoenix chair and dragon statue The ingenuity, experience and enthusiasm of the creator.

1.2 Discover the process of creating handmade carpentry products in the handicraft village tour.

in the production of wood products Craftsmen usually go through several stages. The craftsman must first think, then measure and shape the product. and reasonable and economical calculation After the mold is formed Craftsmen will perform different tasks. carefully, such as chiseling, scraping, scraping, scraping and polishing

careers Village Travel

In the face of market changes, La Xuyen Village employees are constantly learning and improving their skills to meet the needs of customers. Until now The products of this craft village have spread from the North to the South and are exported to foreign countries.

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2. Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village Tour – Thanh Tien Hue

“Green, blue, red, red, yellow, yellow

every December All the flowers in the village will bloom.”

at many traditional markets at the end of the year Hue, Image of Nai O and her sister holding a gong. Carrying them (also known as plants, flowers, or patterns) on the shoulder has become common. It is well known as a bougainvillea belonging to Than Thien village, Phu Mao community, Phu Van district, Tiantian Hue province. With the unique craft of making paper flowers, this craft village was certified as a traditional craft village by the Provincial People’s Committee in 2013.

careers Village Travel

The art of making paper flowers of Tan Thien originates from the folklore of Hue people. The weather in this land is very harsh, so if you worship fresh flowers, the flowers will quickly rot. Therefore, the farmers in the upper village first made confetti to worship. and then put it on their door. From Tate to Spring.

Most of the paper flowers of Tan Thien villagers are handmade. When creating flowers, people who make art are not only meticulous, diligent and enthusiastic. But there is always creativity. In addition to roses, daisies, orchids and lilies. Farmers here also produce realistic paper lotus flowers.

After more than 300 years of development and ups and downs, Than Tien paper flower village is still the cornerstone of life in Hue. careers Village Travel Many domestic and foreign tourists come to visit, today the products of this craft village are used as decorations in many restaurants and hotels. including export

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3. Visit the Pottery Village Handicraft Village – Dong Thap

When it comes to pottery Many of us still remember the proverb that has been passed down from generation to generation. If you want to be convenient, you must choose the day and month carefully. Thanks to the bright sunlight that poured the powder on the ground. It has become pottery or porcelain.

For thousands of years, pottery has become a traditional profession in many regions. Especially near the river where raw materials are abundant and easy to transport. In particular, each craft village has its own specific industry and product. One of them is the pottery village of Koh Ang Hiep. Ang Hiep and Muang Sadet (Don Thap) Community

tourism craft village

When you come here Countless pottery kilns line up It is a pottery village that attracts many visitors with the image of “Pyramid” standing in the middle of heaven and earth. Not only that, many boats compete to eat pottery. And the lively atmosphere of the ships transporting pottery around the country is also beautiful.

With their skillful hands and techniques, the craftsmen of this traditional handicraft village have created countless pots and vases with natural pink color. after heating The outer white chalk will turn red like a thin layer of dew. to create a product It is known to go through a lot of process and a lot of expertise has been passed down.

In addition to the regions mentioned above, Vietnam also has countless traditional craft villages with unique beauties. The common desire of many people after visiting the craft village is to discover and understand the elites of Vietnamese meanings and culture. and development concerns.

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4. VinWonders Nam Hoi An – Discover the quintessence of the whole country in one destination.

Wonders of the South Wind of Hoi An This is one of the favorite amusement parks in the Chubu region. In addition to providing a wide range of world-class experiences It also collects and presents a wide range of traditional industries.

VinWonders Nam Hoi An not only offers handicraft village tours with demonstration activities of handicraft process. but also to promote, honor and bring visitors to the traditional handicraft village of Vietnam and the diverse culture of the craft village closer to all types of visitors.

4.1 Hear cultural stories on a tour of the island’s traditional craft villages

of the Villager’s IslandMany tourists cannot help but be surprised by the impressive history of Vietnamese villages. special goods regions, representative works of the three regions, traditional craft villages, cultural story Width and depth from North to South.

Consisting of the same honeycomb stones as Duong Lam ancient village, the village is a microcosm of traditional craft villages with many traditional trades. Coming to the paper village associated with famous Dong Ho paintings Visitors can experience everything from paper folding to hand printing. Under the guidance of an artisan Many tourists who have visited craft village tourist sites are very pleased to be able to draw pictures and bring home souvenirs.

careers Village Travel

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4.2 Immerse yourself in the beauty of folklore

Then, experience and discover the beauty of Sadiq pottery, handmade weaving, Nam Dinh woodworking, Tan Tien paper flowers, wickerwork, essential oil distillation. At Craft Village, visitors will be immersed in the musical “world” of Quang Ho’s melodies and dances, steeped in Vietnamese culture and poetic songs (Dao Mau), religious beliefs. worship the Model.

In addition, fairy tales are cleverly integrated in various attractions and performances. back to the pier… To understand more deeply about the daily work of the people of the Central Coast and be more proud of the cultural quintessence of the ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Careers Village Travel

With the advancement of science and technology The preservation and development of traditional craft villages becomes an important issue. Therefore, developing handicraft villages like VinWonders and bringing it into tourism. South Hoi An This is one of the important activities in preserving and developing Vietnam’s traditional professions and introducing them to a large number of people, especially young people.

So let’s take a trip. careers Village Travel Immerse yourself in tradition at VinWonders Nam Hoi An and better experience the country’s profound cultural values. Voucher, Combo, Hoi An Tour, South Hoi An special price to make your journey of experience, fun and relaxation more complete Bid now friend!

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