Try Quang Ninh nodding cake now – a dish that thousands of people love.

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The nodding cake makes many diners crazy with its unique way of making and appearance. This elongated, flexible cake, dipped with a little fish sauce will make everyone nod.

It is a famous specialty of Quang Ninh nodding cake Conquered countless visitors, delicious cakes, served with strange dipping sauce. And more importantly, Nodding Cake is super easy to make.

1. What’s delicious about Tien Yen Quang Ninh nodding cake?

Nodding cake is one of them. Quang Ninh Special FootHandicrafts made by the Tianyen people from the region’s indigenous rice. If you have a chance to visit the area You will be able to learn about the cakes from an old bakery. and don’t like cakes with fillings inside and want to make something that can keep the flavor of rice. The name “nod” comes from the fact that when you hold it in your hand, the cake will shake and nod up and down. It’s very interesting

nodding cake

To make delicious cakes The baker must soak the rice overnight in water. Wait for the moisture to evaporate. then ground into a powder. Tianyan people usually kick the rice to make sure the grain is fine, smooth, and retains its flavor. Cold rice is often added to make the cake more spongy and flexible. The process of making a cake is quite difficult. But that is why Quang Ninh nodding cake is loved by many tourists.

nodding cake

2. How to Make Quang Ninh Classic Eel Cake

2.1. Nodding cake recipe, how to make

Baking materials:

  • rice
  • dinner
  • fish sauce
  • minced meat
  • chicken fat
  • dry onion
  • chile
  • Millstone

nodding cake

How to make nodding cake:

  • However, white rice soaked in cold water overnight should not be soaked for too long.
  • Bring the soaked rice to the mill to make powdered water. When grinding, do not forget to add the cooled rice and grind until the mixture has a uniform thickness.
  • Pour white rice into the mold, close the lid, wait for baking, the nodding cake has the same shape and thickness as a roll cake.
  • After baking, remove the bamboo skewers from the mold.
  • Place the cake on a tray, roll it up and cut it into 15-20 cm long pieces.

2.2 How to make the correct dipping sauce for pancakes?

Dipping sauces make a huge difference in making delicious cakes. It is like the soul of the cake and adds a rich, delicious flavor to your rolls.

  • melted chicken fat
  • Slice the dried onion into thin slices. Then add the fried chicken fat.
  • Add minced meat and stir until cooked.
  • Then add fish sauce, simmer, turn off the heat for red chili and pepper as you like.

nodding cake

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3. Pillow cake is a delicious dish.

There is a rule about food in a cold candle. nodding cake exciting. The host holds the cake in front of him and shakes it lightly so that the cake nods 3 times, the guests move along. Make nodding cake 3 times Nodding cake can be eaten with many different dishes.

3.1 Nodding cake to eat shamelessly.

Among the dishes that use Nodoki Rolls, the most delicious stitch is still the humiliating stitch. Nodding cake to eat has a softness mixed with golden fat, delicious color and flavor that makes you not want to put down your chopsticks.

nodding cake

3.2. Kanom Krok Stuffed Squid Peanuts

Squid roll cake is a typical combination of two Quang Ninh dishes.

nodding cake

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3.3. Plum bean cake

Bin Quan nodded with a plum machete, which sounds strange, but is loved by the Tien Yen people, and can be eaten with dotted cake with dog meat and shrimp paste.

4. Revealing the address of selling delicious nodding cake in Quang Ninh.

Quang Ninh Tourism If you want to eat the best, most delicious food. They had to go to Hoa Binh street in Tien Yen city.

Note when buying cake

  • Price of nodding cake: Cake is sold by weight, about 20,000 VND / kg.
  • The bread shops here often do not have signs. So ask someone for directions to easily find them.
  • Must go for breakfast to enjoy the taste of the best cakes.

4.1.Nang Kook Restaurant 73 Hoa Binh

  • address: House number 73 Hoa Binh street, Tien Yen, Quang Ninh

nodding cake

Mrs. Cuc is one of the most famous nodding cake shops in Tien Yen, her family prepares cakes and starts cooking from 3am, all stages are handmade. If you have a chance visit her bakery. You can see large pots of cakes being cooked in the wood stove, scooped out and coated.

4.2.Cuong Chia Bakery 30A Hoa Binh

Unlike Mrs. Cuc’s bakery, Cuong Thia’s Bakery has invested in machine-based production technology. So the procedure is very quick and clean. Save a lot of time and effort. The cake here is very soft, spongy and fragrant.

nodding cake

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nodding cake

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sitting next to the plate nodding cake There are no words to describe the deliciousness of the hot, steaming cakes with a little fish sauce. Tourists around the world can only nod instead of applause. If you have the opportunity to come to Quang Ninh, you should experience the colorful delicacies of the mining land while enjoying the special nodding cake.

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