Tumblr allows users to post content over the age of 18

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Recently, the social network Tumblr just updated a new policy that allows users over the age of 18 to tag posts with “adult” content or with “sexual themes.”

Tumblr comes back from “the dead”.

While Elon Musk is trying to boost profits for Twitter, Tumblr has overtaken other social networks and reaped huge profits by allowing some users to post previously banned, banned photos.

Notably, the platform updated its community guidelines and confirmed the re-display of nude adult content. Tumblr’s new policy is seen as a “death blow” to Twitter, with many users looking to stop using the “Blue Bird” platform.
Tumblr returns "world of the dead"
It is known that the number of Generation Z users using Tumblr started to increase earlier this year. The platform accepts adult content supported by many users.
Tumblr returns "world of the dead"
Additionally, while Tumblr’s policy allows users to post images, videos, and articles over the age of 18 with adult and sexually-related topics, users cannot post visual content (images, videos, GIFs, drawings, CGI, and other media) with sexually explicit content Action or content that focuses too much on the genitals.
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