Unique Italian cuisine is only available at Grand World Phu Quoc Restaurant.

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with crispy hot pizza and fragrant noodles Italian food always attracts diners. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the local cuisine of this Mediterranean island nation at Topaz Ruby, one of the most famous Grand World restaurants in Phu Quoc United Center.

1. Topaz Ruby – rich Italian culture

The first feature of Italian food The versatility and richness of ruby ​​topaz is not only reflected in the number of dishes. But there are also recipes. Although it is the same dish, the taste will change according to the needs of each diner and seasonal ingredients. Therefore, the food we enjoy today will have a unique taste. Great World Restaurant Phu Quoc

At Topaz Ruby, the chef pays homage to the creation of two dishes that have graced the country: pizza and spaghetti. The pizzas are handmade in a brick oven and taste authentic. While the menu is invented with new and unique flavors.

especially Chef pays special attention to cheese and sauce processing. Create dishes imbued with Italian culture and Vietnamese taste

in a comfortable and luxurious space Phu Quoc Italian Restaurant More than just a meal, Topaz Ruby is a place to chat, share, relax and enjoy a peaceful day.


Let’s discover the detailed and practical travel experiences that visitors need to know to have a complete journey to discover the Pearl Island.

2. Enjoy the pizza making process with ruby ​​topaz.

At Topaz Ruby, the kitchen is always an open space where you can watch the chefs make pizza or wait for the pasta to be prepared in front of you.

Witnessing the chef’s talent and ingenuity through the cooking process will be a unique experience, where you can chat with your friends or use your phone to share this exciting moment online. society.

Grand World Phu Quoc, Italy

You don’t just get to witness the cooking process with your own eyes. Great World Restaurant With Topaz Ruby, you can ask the chef to perfectly combine your favorite flavors into your pizza. In particular, the daily menu is a unique menu that matches seasonal ingredients.

If you don’t know what to eat. You can ask our staff. With the spirit of “welcome”, the spirit welcomes you home with all its heart. Every detail has been taken care of and taken care of. And the dish will be scaled down to best suit your taste.

3. The Magical Teppanyaki Technique – Artist’s Culinary Art

With a great combination of Italian cuisine and Japanese culture. You will be impressed by the craftsmanship of Topaz Ruby’s famous chefs. What to eat at United Center Phu Quoc?.

Grand World Phu Quoc, Italy

Cooking is an art and a chef is an artist this is not wrong. Cooking Teppanyaki is a mesmerizing display of fire, ingredients and the performing arts by talented chefs. The charm of a restaurant using the teppanyaki technique is more than just the taste. But also have to wait a long time.

If you order a special dish The chef cooks fresh ingredients directly in the pan on the grill. Undoubtedly, you can add as much spice and rarity as you like. Especially the discerning diners, juggling ingredients correctly and creating a high flame…

The fiery taste and unique culinary experience at Topaz Ruby will surely leave an indelible impression in the hearts of diners. Share your love of Italian food at the food court – Great World Restaurant Phu Quoc!

tourist attractions, entertainment venues, resorts, shopping malls, restaurants, and super complexes Phu Quoc Reunification Center We are continuing to sell combos and free tickets to celebrate the store opening. The opportunity to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine and experience luxury resorts and entertainment at affordable prices has never been closer.

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