Update entry and exit restrictions during the COVID epidemic season for Vietnamese citizens.

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The COVID-19 situation is still complicated and affects the lives of many people. This is especially true for immigrants because policies change frequently. Check out the latest COVID immigration rules to understand all the procedures and make your travel easier during the pandemic.

Immigration restrictions during COVID: a situational solution

Although the epidemic in other countries is still high, Vietnamese people still want to leave the country for many reasons such as study, work, family gatherings, etc.

1. Depart for Singapore

As of October 8, 2020, the Singapore government has lifted restrictions on Vietnamese citizens entering without isolation, but you need to check some conditions such as:

– Have an Airline Pass – Singapore Air Travel Pass is issued and can only be entered once in 7 days.

– Citizens must stay in Vietnam for 14 consecutive days before coming to Singapore.

– Fly directly to Singapore and don’t stop in other countries.

2. Depart for Taiwan

According to the current regulations, it is calculated according to departure time. From December 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021, the COVID-19 entry regulations will apply to anyone entering/transiting through Taiwan airports for any purpose, regardless of whether they are Taiwanese citizens or not. effective Before boarding your flight to Taiwan, you must submit a “Certificate of Testing Negative for COVID-19” within 3 working days of application. (excluding New Year holidays and New Year’s and New Year’s holidays)

3. Going to Japan

With the agreement between Vietnam and Japan to apply for a short-term travel program Vietnamese people doing business in road transport entering this country do not need to be isolated for 14 days. Citizens enter for the following purposes: Short-term Trade Work and Long-term stay Diplomacy Public Service Skill Internship Apply for a Special Skilled Visa

Cases of entry to Vietnam during the epidemic season

Foreign nationals wishing to return home can choose commercial flights to enter Vietnam during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is another epidemic in our country. Only government-organized humanitarian flights remain. If you want to go home on these flights You must register with the representative office (embassy) of your country of residence. And it is important to follow the regulations of each Vietnamese representative agency in that country.

1. Immigration from the United States

Under applicable COVID-19 immigration laws, if you are returning from the United States You must be in the following categories:

– The employee’s contract expires, he is unemployed. The employee loses an income source that the host country cannot support.

– Students under the age of 18 or students who have completed the course and cannot extend their stay or have difficulty finding accommodation.

– Citizens who come to the United States for a short time but are stranded will be considered a particularly difficult case.

Return airfares from the United States must be paid for the airfare only, depending on the return trip. Depending on the province where citizens live, work and study, they can register their aspirations with the Consulate General of Vietnam at the appropriate place.

– Texas is registered with the Vietnamese Consulate in Houston.

– States: California, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, registered with the Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco.

– New York State has registered with the Consulate General of Vietnam in New York.

– The remaining states are registered in Washington, DC

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2. Immigration from Germany

It is similar to a trip back from America. If you want to go back to immigration during COVID, humanitarian flights should be in your priority group. Just register at the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany and pay the airfare and other arising costs as prescribed. Provide correct and accurate documents and information, strictly comply with regulations on medical declaration, isolation and tracing when returning to Vietnam.

3. Items from Italy

Citizens from Italy who want to enter Vietnam can take the nearest flight at Frankfurt (Germany) or Paris (France) at the end of December 2020. In addition, according to regulations, these cases should only be registered through the embassy’s online software. The costs of transportation from the place of residence to Frankfurt/Paris and the voluntary isolation are borne by the citizen.

4. Entering Singapore

Vietnamese citizens returning from Singapore for mandatory or urgent reasons must obtain a residence permit in this country. (regardless of length of stay or long-term stay) and proof of emergency Fill the information correctly and register only once. Then wait for confirmation from the Vietnamese embassy in Singapore.

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5. Items from Russia

Russia is currently a country with a complicated epidemic. There are immigration restrictions during the COVID season. And citizens are obliged to fall under the following priority subjects: children and students under 18 years of age. People over 60 years old, people with pre-existing medical conditions are being treated in this country People are trapped due to heavy traffic and tourism. Citizens’ labor contracts expire. Fill out all required information. Register with the embassy and wait for confirmation.

Although travel has been restricted during the pandemic, the demand to and from Vietnam is still very high. See more regulations above for the most convenient trip.

Source: Vietnam Tourism

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