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Van Boi Island is a part of Lan Ha Bay famous for its beautiful and charming natural scenery, clear sea water that can be seen to the bottom of the sea. This is the perfect destination for weekends and holidays.

mention Hai Phong Tourismneedless to say Van Trai islandDespite attracting a large number of tourists, Van Boi still retains its pristine features. Don’t be surprised by the serene scenery of long white sandy beaches and clear blue water.

1. What is Van Boy Island?

Bang Cau Island System of Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong CityKnown for its spectacular scenery of rocky hills and green trees, Van Boi beach also attracts visitors by its rugged nature and long stretch of fine sand.

Van Trai island

as well as some beaches Hai Phong Beach On the contrary, Van Boi is very suitable for those who want to explore and relax. Join the underwater adventure game. relax on the sand Look at the clear blue sky and listen to the sound of the waves.

2. What time should Koh Wang Boi come to?

Van Boue is beautiful every season. But the best time to visit is summer inside. May to AugustMany Vietnamese tourists flock to Bang Bo.

Foreign tourists tend to go on vacation trips and the best time is From November to March every year.

Van Trai island

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3. The most in-depth guide to Vanboy Island

To get to Van Boi Island from Hanoi, visitors have many transportation options to choose from, especially:

  • By car: Visitors to Hai Phong, to Dinh Vu port, via Cat Hai ferry to Van Boi, the ferry operates hourly from 5 am to 5 pm.
  • Get there by bus: Tourists take a bus from Hanoi to Hai Phong. Take a bus in the direction of Dinh Vu-Quang Ninh, arrive at Got ferry, go from Lan Ha Bay to Van Boi.
  • By train: Move to Hai Phong Railway Station. Then go to Vinh Wharf to buy tickets for high-speed train to Cat Ba Island. and continue to Bang Boi island by Got . ferry
  • Traveling by bike: Drive to Hai Phong to Dinh Vu – Ninh Tiep Ferry Terminal, Sweet Wharf – Cai Vien.

Van Trai island

In addition, for tourists from Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh or other provinces in the region, if they want to go to Van Phao Island, take a plane to Hai Phong. Take a taxi to Vinh bridge. and take the boat to the island.

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4. Fun activities at Van Boi Island Hai Phong?

What to do in Hai Phong?Come to Vanboy Island and you will see many surprises?

4.1.Swimming at Vangboy Cat Ba Island

Like other beaches in Cat Ba, Vang Cau has fresh air and nature. Natural white sand beach, shallow water and light waves suitable for swimming. The clear blue water will make you relax and cool off in the hot summer.

Van Trai island

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4.2. Kayaking at Bang Boy Island

What to do on Vanboy Island An activity not to be missed when visiting Vanboy is kayaking. Small kayaking and boating to the small islands Each island will be a wonderful experience. The love for the natural landscape is deeply favored by the builders here.

Van Trai island

4.3 See corals on Van Cau island

Van Boi is one of the few beaches where you can find coral. The amount of coral here is rich and eye-catching. Diving is a favorite activity of many young people and a great weekend getaway.

Van Trai island

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5. What should I keep in mind when going to Koh Bang Boi?

Hai Phong travel experience general tourism Van Trai island In particular, visitors should note the following:

  • Bangboy wifi wave is not stable, guests can pre-load music and games for entertainment.
  • Service fees at resorts on Vanboy Island are quite high. You should carefully consider the price and ask clear questions before using.
  • Summer can be quite hot. So don’t forget sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.
  • Visitors are required to bring a life jacket when participating in water activities.

Van Trai island

Being free to explore the nature and people of Hai Phong. You should book a room in the city center for easy transportation.

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Van Trai island

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benefit from weather and nature Van Trai island That is the goal of many tourists. You can visit, visit and experience many interesting activities and programs. Thanks for that So you can get away from the hustle and bustle and gain new vitality.

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