VCS Summer 2022: CES easily beats SGB with “Korean 2-Man Lineup”

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The VCS Summer 2022 will take place with dramatic and exciting competitions. One of them is the return of CES.

CES starts a lineup with 2 Korean players and destroys SGB

After what was judged to be quite a disappointing season, CES has come back strong with the recruitment of foreign Korean soldiers in the Jungle – Leash position. And in the opening game of VCS Summer 2022, Cerberus Esports launched a huge lineup when there were two Korean stars.
Cerberus Esports was quite confident at the VCS Summer 2022. In the first game, “Three-Headed God Dog” continuously overwhelmed the opponent. Cerberus Esports also made no mistakes to get past SGB and took a 1-0 lead.
Leash has an impressive VCS debutLeash had an impressive VCS debut. In Game 2, both sides seemed more balanced. In the final minutes of the game, the SGB players showed a lot of effort as they tried to stop CES from getting Thuy Long’s soul. However, Zeri’s ideal physical strength made “Buffalo” uncontrollable.
'Three Headed Dog God' quickly won 2 games.‘Three Headed Dog God’ quickly won 2 games. After that, CES destroyed the main house, the SGB, and unfortunately suffered a 0:2 defeat.
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