Vietnam Tourism Trends 2022: Digital transformation is inevitable!

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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic It opens up the trend of digital transformation in the business of Vietnam’s tourism industry. The application of technology becomes an essential solution to meet the needs of customers in the specific context of 2020.

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Vietnam tourism has officially entered a new era.

Vietnam’s tourism industry has developed rapidly and achieved many successes in the past decade, but COVID-19 has hindered and slowed the industry for a long time in 2020. Economic and social development The global society has negatively affected the inevitable change in trends in various fields. However, the spread of the COVID-19 virus has greatly stimulated this smokeless industry. by improving service efficiency and facilitating digital transformation for tourism development.

Vu The Binh, Executive Vice President of the Vietnam Tourism Association emphasized: In the post-COVID-19 situation, with so many barriers and challenges to face, businesses must quickly adjust their strategies. to ensure the pandemic is completely resolved. We have to get this done quickly. revitalization and growth as global adjustment and “complete digital transformation are part of this strategy”.

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The latest technology applications are deployed. Act quickly and professionally. Promote company image to facilitate tourists in finding information and booking travel.

An example of a very good domestic tourism application of digital transformation is Ninh Binh, a tourist destination that has successfully developed tourism using digital transformation. Some destinations such as Hang Mua, Tung Nham Bird Park are using many applications to promote images and products. attract tourists and through digital transformation from the start

According to Ms. Nguyen Anh Nguyet, Director of Public Policy of Facebook Group in Vietnam, a survey conducted by Facebook on service trends in Vietnam in the second half of 2020 shows:

86% of Vietnamese consumers intend to reward themselves. (After social distancing due to COVID-19 outbreak) 87% intend to give gifts to relatives. Travel and resort are consumers’ top priorities when asked about post-COVID-19 service trends.

Especially Up to 93% of consumers search for information about “travel” on Facebook, these impressive numbers show that the promotion potential of Facebook and other social networks and digital platforms is huge. great. That is huge in promoting tourism.

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Digital Transformation Revolution: New Opportunities for Tourism in ‘Fast Growth’ and Accelerate Progress

For enterprises, the first step is to digitize all the products representing the endpoint in a large database. Including the development of digital applications to disseminate that information to the market.

Today, startups are thriving to create multiple channels, roadmaps, utilities and apps to bring new business plans to market.

for consumers Today’s travelers are familiar with online e-commerce products. experience through the support of digital technology And there is a strong tendency to use these products.

However, to accelerate the digital transformation, he encouraged the government to make further recommendations. so that businesses in the tourism industry can create the most favorable conditions for their digital transformation.

2022 is expected to be the ‘peak’ of Vietnam’s tourism, with a strong recovery thanks to digital transformation (tours, itineraries, …) to promote changes in visitor behavior and increase visitor engagement. convenient. Bring a high level of professionalism to this service.

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