Vietnamese food reaches 5 world records

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WorldKings World Records Union has just confirmed 5 culinary world records in Vietnam 2020.

Among the 5 nominations of the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) in early 2020, after careful consideration, WorldKings has officially reviewed and certified 5 world records for Vietnamese cuisine. Photos of the food will be promoted on the company’s social media. This event is expected to contribute to raising the level of Vietnamese cuisine in the eyes of international foodies, and at the same time attract more tourists to Vietnam and discover Vietnamese cuisine.

The 5 world records for Vietnamese cuisine recognized by WorldKings are:

It’s a country with food. Up to 164 ‘Fiber and Soup’ dishes and continuously updated. Although Vietnam is located next to it, Vietnam still retains its national culinary identity with a variety of dishes such as vermicelli, vermicelli, pho, emperor beef noodle soup, crab noodle soup, and beef vermicelli. Chicken noodles, noodles, kaolao, etc

There are more than 100 kinds of fish sauce in the whole country.

The rich flavors of spiced sauces are an essential part of Vietnamese cuisine. Not to mention the famous delicious fish sauce that can be eaten in many forms to match many dishes such as shrimp paste with meat, sour curry, shrimp paste, vermicelli, fish sauce, hot pot .. such as fried noodles with shrimp paste. Thin vermicelli served with roasted peanuts and shrimp paste. Season with lemon and some chili.

Pictures of Vietnamese international students lop 5 The world lop 3.

Country that cooks the most dishes using flowers: 272

Image of Vietnamese students, 5 years of experience, the world is 5

With 272 dishes prepared by Vietnamese people using 43 kinds of edible flowers such as lotus leaf rice, pumpkin flower sauteed with garlic. Water hyacinth soup and Vietnamese banana flower salad make a mark with culinary notes, Em here made from flowers is still being completed.

Country with the most books

There are currently 103 reels in Vietnam and the number is improving. Not to mention the most famous dishes such as banh cuon, pho cuon, spring rolls, spring rolls, pork rolls…

Vietnamese spring rolls are praised by diners for being easy to eat, rich in vegetables, and fresh. And served with the sauce that has undergone the appropriate process in each dish.

Pictures of Vietnamese students lop 5. The title is 6.

Countries with the most food use 143 or more types of rice flour

Picture of a Vietnamese student, 5 years old, the world is 7

Vietnam is also the country with the largest number of cakes made from rice flour with 143. Many delicious dishes are made from rice flour such as banh beo, mutton cake, nam cake, etc. spring rolls, gai cake, cake,…

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WorldKings is the world’s first Records union founded by National Record Organizations. Founded in 2013, WorldKings is headquartered in New Delhi (India) and San Diego (USA) with liaison offices on five continents. The organization currently has 22 members and VietKings is an official member.

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