Vietnamese girl costs VND 20 million for contracting Covid-19 during trip to Thailand

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This girl’s long-awaited journey did not go as expected after receiving a positive test result for SARS-CoV-2.

Nha Nguyen, a girl from Ho Chi Minh City, is the protagonist of this unfortunate story. Speaking to reporters, Nha said she has been to Thailand many times since 2015. After tourism reopened, she decided to go to the land of the Golden Temple alone. On February 25, Nha flew from Ho Chi Minh City to Thailand. But Nha’s anticipation of her first post-epidemic trip abroad was soon extinguished by the “2-bar test strip” on February 28. Disillusioned At first, Nha planned to stay in Thailand for 15 days. She plans to enjoy Michelin-starred restaurants, most notably the famous Jay Fai’s. If you want to dine at Jay Fai, you have to reserve a table very early, as the restaurant is always “out of stock”. Knowing this, Nha also successfully booked a table a month before the flight date. “Actually, the fact that I had Covid-19 was not surprising. Before the results came out, I had a fever for 2 days so I was mentally prepared,” Nha shared.

The positive test result opened up an expensive trip for a Vietnamese tourist. On February 28, Mr. Nha took a rapid test and gave a positive result. The first thing a tourist does after getting a positive result is to contact the insurance company and cancel the hotel room, plane ticket and train ticket to Chiang Mai. The insurer told Nha to wait for the PCR test results on Thursday (ie 2/3). If the result remains positive, she is taken to a hospital (a combination hotel and hospital used to isolate travelers). At first she thought she could isolate herself in a hotel until she recovered. But after finding out, the tourist from Saigon discovered that the positive tourist had to be taken to the hotel. A problem that also bothers many foreign tourists. In a Thai overseas travel advisory group, a tourist named Jessica Batey also had a similar case. After Batey’s friend tested positive, the hotel asked him to move into the hotel. However, they did not accept it because the additional cost of the hospital days was very high. According to Batey, in the end the hotel had to give in to her insistence. Nha said she was asked to isolate herself in hospital for 10 days. And in these 10 days, the insurance does not pay any more apart from the medical examination and treatment costs. “I’m really confused because if I quarantine for 10 days, I can’t go back to Vietnam on March 11,” she said. What does the insurance do? After receiving Ms. Nha’s case, the insurance side advised her to follow the hospital’s request, that is, go to the hospital for treatment, and the insurance only pays the cost of the medical examination and treatment. “If the symptoms are severe, you can be hospitalized and the insurance will pay. Light people are not supported in this way. Some people even advise themselves to have to work hard to be hospitalized. If the money is not enough.” “I don’t know if I’m going to go to the hospital,” she told Nghia, Most guests self-guided or tour groups also buy regular insurance plans, so the payout can only be so there are a few more premium plans out there that do include an additional fee, but few people choose.

Vietnamese girl costs VND 20 million because of Covid-19 if she travels to Thailand - 2

Vietnamese girl costs VND 20 million because of Covid-19 if she travels to Thailand - March 3

Female tourist isolation meal. She noted that insurance didn’t help much during the treatment period. Nha added that the insurance she bought was from a multinational insurance company in France. When researching, I see that many people decide to buy it. However, as of February 16, this company changed its policy of not paying fees in hotels. The tourist admitted she was also negligent when she didn’t understand exactly how insurance would support Covid-19 treatment if she was unluckily caught in Thailand. “I take out the insurance myself, there is no staff to take care of it. So if something goes wrong, all I can do is call the customer service center to introduce it. From my experience, I think every insurance company should choose who have their own, have staff to take care of every guest, if you have any difficulties, you can contact them directly to get the best support,” she shared with. The tourist was not satisfied with the customer service provided by the insurance company. She had to contact both her insurance company and the hospital itself during the quarantine. And if I had to rate it, Nha would definitely give the insurance company 0 stars because “the staff can’t help.” Also, this tourist showed quite bored with the way the Thai section works. She said they solved it a long time ago, if it’s not rushed, it’ll never be finished. Speaking to reporters, she said that the Total cost of treatment was 30,000 baht (about 20 million VND) First, a hospital person contacted 50,000 baht (about VND 34 million) as a treatment fee. However, Nha said she could only pay up to 30,000 baht for a 10-day treatment and asked the hospital to find a more reasonable solution. After many exchanges, the two sides also agreed on the amount of 30,000 baht, including money for the ambulance to take Nha away. On the evening of March 9, Nha was recovering from Covid-19. She also asked the hospital to shorten the treatment time to 7 days and was accepted.

Vietnamese girl costs VND 20 million because of Covid-19 if she travels to Thailand - April 4

Vietnamese girl costs VND 20 million because of Covid-19 if she travels to Thailand - May 5

Bangkok’s new park is a rare attraction that Nha has time to see before he has to “travel to the hotel.” However, the trouble with the Vietnamese tourist is not over yet. On the day she was discharged, she was told she still had to pay 50,000 baht because the hospital did not understand the agreement with the other employee. After almost 7 hours of fighting, the Vietnamese tourist was also released. “This 30,000 baht exceeded my expectations. In fact, the Covid-19 infection in Thailand was beyond my imagination. What comforts me is that after sharing the story, so many people in Vietnam and Thailand. have shared Lan. Helpful words of encouragement and advice,” she confided. Since she “travels in hotels” most of the time, Nha decided to rebook her ticket to Vietnam from March 11 to March 14 to stay in Bangkok for a few more days. The trip to Chiang Mai was considered missed, but at least she didn’t leave empty-handed. Ms Nha added that traveling to Thailand after this epidemic was the most expensive ever (excluding medical costs) due to high fees. The round-trip fare is VND 5.5 million (including luggage). In addition to the plane ticket, she had to purchase an additional isolation package at the hotel on day 1 and day 5 (including airport shuttle, 2 PCR tests and 3 meals per day). The total cost is 6,500 baht (about 4.5 million VND). The basic insurance package (including payment if you have Covid-19) is 1,370 baht (about 950,000 VND). In addition, the paperwork involved is also quite tiresome. The customs side also carefully inquired about the quantity and travel time. “Maybe because I bought the ticket before Thailand opened registration for Thailand Pass, so it was more expensive. However, the amount of money that needs to be prepared before the trip is also quite expensive compared to before the epidemic. So far I still love to travel.” . . Thailand is just opening so I want to go early to avoid the crowds,” she said.

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