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Phu Quoc welcomes us in a sea paradise serving fresh seafood, however, other highlights might need to be added. For a unique experience here One of them is Korean food that I had the opportunity to try at Chingu BBQ, one of the restaurants in United Center Phu Quoc that is very popular with tourists from all over the world.

Located in the heart of Almaz Food Street, the fragrant aroma of grilled meat and attractive dishes will wake diners as soon as they step in the door. It feels like standing in the middle of the streets of Seoul filled with flower lights when in the middle of the pearl island of Phu Quoc.

In the menu many familiar Korean dishes We choose for ourselves a large baking pan and a small hot pot to start a complete Korean dinner. Korean food is unique in that sense. Each dish is a unique combination of seasonal ingredients and dipping sauces.

Incorporating unique ingredients and processing methods Korean cuisine is always about skillful, delicate ingredients and once lost in space. Vinpearl Restaurant Phu QuocMeet the uniqueness of the land of kimchi on a taste journey at Chingu BBQ.

Korean Smokeless BBQ Party

Watch and listen to the staff grill. We chatted enthusiastically and taught us how to properly eat Korean BBQ. Grill the steaks for at least 2 minutes on each side. Then cut into small pieces and bake for another 1-1 and a half minutes to enjoy! Fresh grilled beef wrapped in salad and served with soy sauce and kimchi. Make your mouth delicious.

There are three spots to enjoy BBQ at Chingu, the first is a tray of mixed fresh meat. Tenderloin, beef tendon, bacon wrapped in fresh mushrooms are delightful. Meat must be selected carefully so that when eaten it does not dry out, retains its flavor without being sickened when eaten with other spices. When grilling, you must adjust the heat by charcoal fire, when eating the sweetness melts in your mouth.

Followed by samjang sauce. The taste of the meat is varied, but the spicy, sour and unique taste reminds me of Korean BBQ. It’s a special Korean recipe that cleverly combines miso and chili sauce.

And finally, the Panjang tray with Chingu-san’s special kimchi. Even if it looks like a side dish, the banchan pan is a very important ingredient and the pride of Korean cuisine. Carefully prepared and perfectly seasoned kimchi adds flavor to Chingu’s barbecue.


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End your dinner with kimchi shochu.

Food at Vinpearl Phu Quoc

After enjoying the grilled food, we continued our journey to find Korean dishes to fill our stomachs. Phu Quoc United Center Restaurant Accompanied by spicy kimchi hotpot, Chingu BBQ’s kimchi is prepared according to Korean standards. It has a unique crunchy, sour and spicy taste. Place in the middle of the pot Surrounded by mushrooms, beans, peppers and press.

When kimchi spreads, Nabetsuyu will be more spicy. and other ingredients will penetrate deeply Makes you feel like you’re cringe

Food at Vinpearl Phu Quoc

Enjoy kimchi nabe, the essence of soju. Feel the unique spicy taste on the tongue when eating rye while chatting with friends. “A lifetime of encounters”, each meeting is an irreplaceable moment. And the reunion in Shinomiya ended in a complete and profound way.

Korean culture has brought Korean food to the streets of Vietnam, but for me, the taste of Korean food and the story of the restaurant. Phu Quoc Reunification Center Chingu will be an unforgettable and profound experience, Chingu will be the place to visit next time at Phu Quoc United Center!

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