VinWonders offers a complete “Hoi An clone” experience.

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VinWonders Nam Hoi An is a complex of amusement parks and theme parks of Vinpearl with 5 sub-zones: Cang Overpass, Folklore Island, River Safari, Adventure Land and Water World.

As the “soul” of VinWonders South Hoi An, Folklore Island preserves the traditional living areas of the region from north to south. The seven houses are living symbols of architecture and lifestyle scattered across the country. Including Ban Nua, Ban Hue, Ban Tai or Sakae, Ban Kotuglo, Ban Chief Ede. Let’s explore the ‘Heritage Paradise’ many houses along the S-zone.

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Folklore Island also creates unique cultural experiences through traditional craft village models. Visitors and skilled artisans can spin and weave silk, make Dong Ho paintings, make paper and experiment with woodworking skills to carve intricate decorative paintings on the wooden floor.

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The journey to the source continues to attract tourists with world heritage dances and dances such as: Chau Van, Quan Ho singing, Quan Ho singing… The real scene play “Returning to the pier” simulates life. , the spatial movement of people on the Chubu River in the past, is a unique and interesting performance suitable for tourists who like to experience folk stories.

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At night, this is the time when the Hill of Hope where the East-West fork turns into a virtual arena for the 3D mapping activity “Dai Viet History” re-enacting the fascinating legends of the Vietnamese nation throughout 4000 years of civilization. . History is reproduced through the harmony of light and sound.

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River Safari semi-wildlife conservation park makes VinWonders Nam Hoi An an ideal place for families and young people to explore. Visitors can travel through the “little Amazon” and meet nearly 530 species of rare animals and more than 50 species on the world’s protected list.

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Going into the water allows visitors to experience the great outdoors from a new perspective. The distinct habitat of each species is separated by an artificial river system, kangaroos, giraffes and zebras with the characteristic black and white striped coat of the African savanna greet visitors with friendliness.

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The most characteristic of river safaris is the world of waterfowl and black and white swans, tadorna ducks, flamingos… Sometimes, a zebra and a few antelope run to the next house and ‘match each other’. work’ to create a natural environment. The world of baboons, pig-tailed monkeys, red-faced monkeys and small squirrel monkeys. And Madagascar gibbons are also of interest to tourists. End the tour at the predator area, see Bengal tigers, African lions, sun bears, sun bears…

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At the amusement park, visitors can go from thrill to thrill with more than 20 outdoor thrilling games, nearly 100 indoor experience games, Water World, “Autumn of the century” experience from 85 meters high and the Cyclone Spaceship Experience ‘ somersaults in the air will be an unforgettable experience for visitors when coming to South Hoi An, I promise.

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Visitors can also relax, show off their figure and check in at the pier across the east and west coasts. Summer for visitors promises rich experiences with itineraries that blend history and culture. Immerse yourself in the incredible wildlife. and experience explosive entertainment at VinWonders Nam Hoi An.

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