Viruses accused of “tricking” investors into virtual currencies

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Recently, the virus rarely appears in his live stream, this male streamer said he is focusing on solving business problems and investing in his virtual currency.

Recently, however, Viruses has been accused of “tricking” investors in the NFT gaming community.

ViruSs is very interested in the field of cryptocurrency investing or NFT games… and has many articles and videos showing how to invest on its social networks. Shortly thereafter, an article appeared on the NFT game’s community page denouncing viruses as a “chicken scam” and warning of the risk of losing money due to this cryptocurrency. After learning about the post against him, this YouTuber said he was not involved in this symbolic price drop and suggested the poster lacked investment knowledge. The case has shown no signs of slowing down as the token price has been steadily falling over the past few days, investing in virtual currencies is very risky and investors should arm themselves with knowledge before participating.
Virus reportedly drives chickens for investors
Don’t trust anyone who calls for virtual money investment, be a smart investor to avoid losing money wrongfully!
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