Visit Quang Ninh Lake Waterfall: Exciting Underwater Experiences And Attractions

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Mo Waterfall is a familiar weekend destination for young people in Quang Ninh and neighboring provinces. Take a walk through Mo Waterfall and find out what’s interesting!

Mo Waterfall This place is famous for its unspoiled beauty. Fresh air and exciting activities It is a safe haven for travelers to escape the stress and pressure of daily life. Not only cool blue waterfalls. But there is also a camping site. and have new experiences Many people pique the interest of visitors.

1. Address, ticket price of Quang Nimmo thác waterfall

Mo Waterfall is located in Quang Yen commune, Quang Ninh province and originates from the Mo river with a length of more than 2,000m.It has a beautiful and unspoiled natural landscape. It has lush forests and fast-flowing waterfalls day and night.

Mo Waterfall

add Doa, Quang Ninh tourist area Mo Waterfall also has a 1,000m2 swimming pool using natural mineral water to help visitors stay cool and relaxed. Guests can rest assured to have fun and entertainment.

  • Entrance ticket price: 10,000 VND / person

Mo Waterfall

2. At what time should you go to Mo Waterfall in Quang Ninh?

Tucmo’s climate is cool all year round. Visitors can come here at any time of the year. People who go to Quang Ninh Lake waterfall Summer and autumn are the best seasons.The temperature here is generally a few degrees cooler than outside. This makes it a great way to cool off from the sweltering summer heat.

dream waterfall

3. Mo waterfall tour in Quang Yen

You can take a private car or a bus from Hanoi to Thac Mo in Quang Yen.

  • Private vehicles

From Hanoi to Taek Mo, traveling by motorbike is very convenient. along this road National Highway 18 – Dong Mai Quang Yen – Dong Mai Post Office – Follow the signs and drive about 2 km to get there. Don’t forget to bring your vehicle documents, ID card and maintain a safe speed throughout the journey!

Mo Waterfall

  • trainer

In addition to your own car, you can also choose to travel by bus, learn from books and newspapers. Quang Ninh travel guide Bus companies to Quang Ninh depart from Qui Alam Bus Station and My Dinh Bus Station. Be careful to tell the driver/assistant to stop at the closest point to Don Mai. Then take a taxi or motorbike taxi to Tak Mo area.

Mo Waterfall

4. What’s in Thac Mo Quang Ninh review?

Thac Mo is an eco-tourism area. Many families and groups of friends come to relax on weekends and holidays to experience the fresh air, cool natural blue water.

4.1.Visit the pine forest with Uncle Ho’s footprints on the trip to Quang Ninh.

Pine forest dream waterfall It is the place where Uncle Ho visited in 1963. In addition to being associated with special historical events, It also has beautiful natural scenery and a great location that makes it easy to move to other places. Other famous attractions in Quang Ninh include: Yentu Unbi . Ha Long Bay

dream waterfall

4.2 – Soak in natural hot springs and artificial swimming pools at Thac Mo Ecotourism Area, Quang Ninh

An activity not to be missed when coming to Tuc Mo on a hot summer day is soaking in a natural hot spring. Coming here, visitors can soak in the cool water of natural hot springs or relax in a large artificial swimming pool with an area of ​​​​1,000m2, the ticket price for pool registration is 20,000 VND/person.

Mo Waterfall

4.3. Planning a camping, picnic at Thac Mo but forgot the way back?

1 and Attractive Quang Ninh The weather is cool like this. Planning a camping, picnic is also a good idea, if you come to Tak Mo with family and friends, organize an outdoor dining party and enjoy the fun atmosphere here.

Mo Waterfall

4.4 Experiencing the large ecological area by fishing and boating

Visitors must definitely visit the Ice Lake to participate in interesting recreational activities such as fishing, boating in Tach Moe, etc. The lake is surrounded by a vast system of protected mountains and forests. And the water in the lake is clear all year round. Boating and fishing in a cold lake is a new and interesting experience that visitors should not miss.

Mo Waterfall

4.5 Enjoy the unique art of Tuc Mo Aboriginal people

On holidays, Tuck Moe often hosts traditional music performances. This is a great opportunity to learn about the culture of the locals through traditional costumes. Characteristic dances and ancient folk songs

5. What to eat at Mo Waterfall in Quang Ninh

Coming to Tak Mo, you should definitely not miss the famous Khao Khao Kai. The wild chicken here has a slightly different flavor because it is raised freely, so the meat is firm, tough, and the skin is crispy.

Mo Waterfall

There are several methods of preparing wild chickens. But the most interesting is the way to boil the chicken. It’s simple but still retains the fresh taste of chicken. Boiled mountain chicken has a beautiful golden skin like turmeric. It is delicious to eat with salt and pepper. The famous Khao Kai that you buy at tourist attractions costs about 350,000 VND a child.

Mo Waterfall

Visitors can also refer to some types of food. Quang Ninh food as a gift There are also squid pancakes, shumai, bamboo shoots, jellyfish salad, spring rolls, sausages, cookies, nodding cakes, etc. Gifts for friends and family.

6. Quang Ninh Mo Waterfall Experience Pocket

If you come to Quang Ninh for a few days and visit many of the province’s sights, including Mo Waterfall, we recommend staying at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long, just a few blocks away, just a 30-minute drive away.

Mo Waterfall

Ideally located on Leu Island in Bai Chay. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long As an ideal stopover for tourists to visit and explore the famous scenic spots of Quang Ninh, coming here visitors will experience luxurious 5-star rooms with spacious balconies and breathtaking views. .

dream waterfall

Book Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long This is also an opportunity for guests to enjoy professional services and necessary amenities for a perfect vacation such as a four-season swimming pool. Restaurant and bar with rich and attractive menu, playground, separate swimming pool for children. Relax at the spa or work out at the state-of-the-art gym.

Mo Waterfall

In addition, you should prepare and note the following things when traveling to Takumo:

  • Prepare to change clothes to swim comfortably.
  • Bring flip flops to make it easier to navigate mountain trails and cross streams.
  • Comes with a protective bag to prevent the phone from getting wet.
  • Prepare your food in advance to save money and in case your taste buds don’t like the food here.
  • Bring your camera, phone and power bank to live virtual wherever you are.
  • The road to the waterfall is quite bumpy and narrow. And there is a high chance of getting motion sickness. Therefore, prepare enough medicine for health.

Mo Waterfall

When coming to Mo waterfall, visitors can experience many interesting and exciting activities in a beautiful area and fresh and clean air. If you plan to come to Quang Ninh in the near future. Book a room at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long now. Start your journey to discover more than just Tagmo. But there are other interesting attractions of Quang Ninh!

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  • free 02 Staying at hotels/resorts throughout the system
  • Discount up to ten percent Room Rates, five% Sightseeing and experience prices
  • arrive 50% Food service and field fees
  • Free card opening, free card maintenance

Pearl club membership card

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